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The reduction in mobility and lack for face-to-face meetings can make fulfilling some business processes harder, such as; obtaining signatures, gaining approvals, or sharing documents securely between you and your clients.

With a client portal we can ensure these processes are achieved quickly and securely, without relying on the insecurity of email or on an already strained postal service. A portal will allow you to keep the continuity your clients require.

You'll learn how to:

Request approvals and legally binding e-signatures from your clients that can be actioned anywhere from any device without the need of face-to-face meetings
Securely trade sensitive documentation and communication with your clients within a trusted place will avoid scams, cyber-crimes and ensure peace of mind
Create a digital document store for your clients to easily access files and documentation when they need it, giving them the flexibility to work anytime
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Gain visibility through insightful reporting and real-time notifications of everything coming in and out of the portal
Remove the paper process to allow the creation of alternative, practical ways of doing business, which will instil trust in your company at a time that is uncertain for many
Upcoming Webinar Time:
Wednesday 29th April @ 11am

Your Presenter:

Carl works as Senior Business Development Manager at Virtual Cabinet entering his 10th year with the business and has been in the document management industry for 20 years. 

Since joining the company as a paperless expert, Carl has honed his skills consulting on internal processes in accountancy, financial services and insolvency industries. He now uses his experience to create bespoke, structured, and secure document stores with workflow automation. Alleviating industry-specific pain points, drive efficiencies and ultimately increase profits.  

Carl is a loyal Wolves fan and always has an entertaining story to tell. But don’t ask him how he lost his finger.
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