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Document Management and Client Portal For Insolvency and Business Advisory Professionals

Leading Insolvency and Business Advisory Firms trust Virtual Cabinet document management to help manage their case files and office information in a single source of truth, collaborate with clients in a secure portal, increase their productivity and secure their data.

Trusted By Leading Insolvency & Business Advisory Firms

How Virtual Cabinet Can Help
Your Insolvency or Business Advisory Firm:

Virtual Cabinet helps Insolvency and Business Advisory Firms overcome a number of challenges. That’s because Insolvency Professionals are usually drowning in case files, client communication, email and paper filing, administration, handling sensitive data and chasing approvals.

Sound familiar? Virtual Cabinet can help you manage your firm better than ever. Get a single source of truth for case file documents, auto-file email correspondence, trigger automatic workflows to improve performance, and run detailed real-time team reporting.

Your business is only as good as the processes you run. Get Virtual Cabinet today for an instant return on investment, both in money and time.

Popular Features That Will Transform Your Insolvency and Business Advisory Firm

Our Document Management software and Client Portal is ideal for Insolvency Professionals.
We’ve helped many leading Insolvency and Business Advisory firms deliver incredible results.
Automatic Filing
Emails, Practice Management files and scanned documents are all automatically filed and stored away for you. Goodbye admin.
Data Protection
Comply with GDPR other strict privacy laws. Get audit trails, encrypted communication, control access privileges & more. Secure your client data.
Faster Approvals
Let clients sign documents and declarations with electronic signatures. No more emailing and printing PDF’s. Watch your turnaround time improve.
Optimise Workflows
Your firm is only as productive as its processes. Streamline, automate and optimise your workflows. Generate real-time team reports you can action.
Client Portal
A branded Client Portal to send large files and secure communication, with seamless integration back to your Document Management Software.
Team Collaboration
Send documents to private or group Intrays. Set user permissions, access version control and more with content collaboration tools.
Performance Reporting
Audit logs, Intray checks, outstanding tasks, workflows, due dates, priority, ownership, Client Portal reports and more!
Powerful Microsoft Office add-ins (Outlook, Word, Excel etc.). Leading integration with popular IPS Turnkey software.
Data Searching
Retrieve customer data instantly. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and full-text content searching across multiple file types.
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Hear From A Few Of Our 45,000 Customers

"Now we can send a tax return off to a client and get it back from them on the same day within 5 minutes."
George Taylor
Practice Manager
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“The emails I receive on cases can now automatically be filed to the correct client with Email Capture. This is a huge time saver!"
Sam Bailey
Read More >
“Easy to use, unmatched features!”
Tanya Whidborne
Read More >
“Being able to basically ‘google for a document’ is amazing – efficiency, pure and simple. I love it, and my team love it.”
Dan Heelan
Business Services Manager
Read More >
“Virtual Cabinet is simple and effective and it meets the needs of our business.”
Sara Bremner
PA to Marc Voulters and Richard Gilbert
Read More >
“Virtual Cabinet has been an integral part of our transformation.”
Paul Miller
Managing Director
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