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Tony Townsend, Central Office Administrator - Belvoir, UK Lettings and Estate Agents
Tony Townsend
Central Office Administrator
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Belvoir selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

An award winning franchised property business needing a more efficient and secure method for managing documents.

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Belvoir is an award winning franchised property business operating across the UK from its Central Office in Grantham. It currently has 160 franchised offices all operating under the ‘Belvoir’ brand.

The Challenge

As one of the largest letting franchises in the UK, Belvoir has seen a massive increase in the number of documents it processes in recent years. The need to find a more efficient and secure method of storing and managing documents led Belvoir to Virtual Cabinet, following an upgrade from a legacy document management system. This easy-to-use electronic solution provides the team with an efficient means of creating, capturing, storing, authorising, delivering and managing all key business documents

“Virtual Cabinet is the ideal system for Belvoir.”
- Tony Townsend, Central Office Administrator, Belvoir

Time savings

Since the ‘very smooth’ installation of Virtual Cabinet, Belvoir has achieved some stunning time-savings. One great example concerns the time taken to find, sign and send a legal document to a new franchisee.

“Finding, signing and sending documents now takes just 2 minutes instead of 30."
- Tony Townsend, Central Office Administrator, Belvoir

The elimination of paper-based processes such as scanning, printing, posting and the manual filing of paper documents is transforming efficiency within Belvoir. Now, it is possible to send any document directly from where it is stored within Virtual Cabinet instead of having to locate the hard copy document stored in another part of the office. “Virtual Cabinet saves us so much time by providing easy access to the documents we need” Tony adds. “With storage space at a premium within our Central Office, I no longer have to spend time walking up and down to fetch various items out of storage.”

The optimum levels of security built into Virtual Cabinet make it the perfect choice for businesses like Belvoir who are dealing with legal documents on a daily basis.

“It gives us complete peace of mind.”
- Tony Townsend, Central Office Administrator, Belvoir

Client Portal helps with GDPR obligations

With GDPR now in force, those who use Virtual Cabinet to transmit documents electronically using the integrated Client Portal can be confident that they are ready for increased scrutiny and greater compliance obligations. Data is highly encrypted in transit using Extended Validation SSL certification provided by, VeriSign and files are hashed or encrypted using AES-256.

The ideal system for Belvoir

The ability to have a document literally at their fingertips within seconds is having a huge impact on Belvoir and the business will be looking later this year to the next stage with “everything legal relating to HR, Accounts and Central Property Management to be loaded onto Virtual Cabinet.”

Belvoir has had so few problems with the system that they “have hardly had to speak to the support team at Virtual Cabinetat all” comments Tony. “But, if we do need help, we just pick up the phone and speak directly to our contact there. They are excellent. Virtual Cabinet is the ideal system for Belvoir.”

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