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Choose secure and reliable methods to store your documents using online document storage solutions with Virtual Cabinet and our cloud-based Client Portal.
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Paperless, Online Document Storage

Digitise your paper documents with Virtual Cabinet cloud an hybrid document storage solutions, keeping everything in one secure, central location. Features of our document storage system include:

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Customisable File Storage

Customise where you want your files to be stored based on business requirements e.g. organise your system by industry, department or product/service. Set up rules for online document storage and Virtual Cabinet will automatically follow your bespoke system.

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Secure & Easy Access to Online Document Storage

With our access controls, you can manage your data and protect critical business content at all stages of its life – giving our customers the power to safely store a whole host of essential files and private data that needs to be easily accessed, but only by the right people. To top it off, finding what you need is easy with our powerful content searching tool, allowing you to quickly search email attachments and filed documents to collate relevant information. Gone are the days of trawling through endless files to find the documents you need.

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Compliant Online Document Storage Solutions

Virtual Cabinet can help you comply with data protection and privacy laws – all by securely organising and storing your business documents. We record interactions, automate lifecycles, and apply bespoke retention policies depending on industry requirements. The automatic retention and archiving policies will delete select old files within Virtual Cabinet, simplifying your business and actively managing storage limits. We help you cut down on admin work, reduce server costs, and simplify your document archiving system.

Digital Document Storage Benefits:

Digitise Your Practice

Retrieve your files faster. Say goodbye to bookcases, in trays, and archives and free up valuable office space with VC's document storage solution. More office space = more room for expansion = more opportunities for business growth. Secure your future with online document storage.

Accurately Stored Documents

No more mis-filing, hunting for documents, and worrying over lost paperwork. Nominate where papers are stored for quick and easy retrieval with digital document storage solutions and automate the filing process for your business – reducing the risk of human error.

Secure Your Client Files

Get industry leading security and availability over client files shared in the cloud document storage portal. With bank-level security in the portal and ISO27001 compliant document storage solutions, you can remain in line with UK data privacy laws and safely manage client data.

Faster Turnaround Times

The cloud document storage solutions allow you to send and receive documents from clients for faster job completion and customer satisfaction. Time spent searching for documents through multiple file cabinets is eliminated and employees are freed up for more productive work.

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