Secure Client Portal

Virtual Cabinet's Client Portal makes it easy to create a secure, branded online workspace where you can share content, manage approvals, track activity, and communicate safely with your clients.

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Secure File Sharing

Securely send documents, or packs of documents, to clients, suppliers, partners and teams.

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Request recipients to electronically sign a document. One document may be signed by multiple people.

Document Retraction

Documents can be retracted automatically or manually, so that the recipient can no longer view that document.

Real-time Reporting

Powerful reporting tools to track your communication and Portal usage. Set up real-time alerts, e.g. get a notification if a customer opens a file.
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Client Portal Benefits:

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Collaborate and Share Securely
With bank level encryption in the Portal, get peace of mind that your documents are more secure compared with sending via email.
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Complete Workflow Audit Trails
See the audit history of every interaction the recipient has with documents on the Portal.
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Intuitive Reporting Tool
Full reporting on all outstanding actions, read status, disk space usage, and number of documents published over time.
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Faster Document Turnaround Time
Contracts, Financial Statements, Tax Returns and more can now be sent to clients via the Portal for fast sign-off with electronic signature. Mail and courier costs can be significantly reduced.

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