Secure Client Portal Software

Virtual Cabinet's client portal makes it easy to create a secure, branded online workspace where you can share content, manage approvals, track activity and communicate safely with your clients.

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Virtual Cabinet’s Client Portal Software

Customise your online document portal to match your company’s branding and create multiple Client Portals for each of your customers. Connect your cloud client portal software to our document management system for the ultimate in workflow optimisation and time-saving organisation tools. Discover the features of the Virtual Cabinet customer portal software below.
secure file sharing

Secure File Sharing

With your customer portal software, you can securely send documents, or packs of documents, to clients, suppliers, partners and teams with ISO 27001 compliant security – encrypting data in transit. Remain compliant with UK data privacy laws and securely manage files within the online document portal software.

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

Request recipients to electronically sign a document and speed up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions. One document may be signed by multiple people, reducing the number of documents produced, routed and filed. No need for postage with a secure document portal.
document retraction

Document Retraction

Documents can be retracted automatically or manually, so that the recipient can no longer view that document. With the two-way upload function, you can request documents from your customers to be returned via the secure client portal software.

Reporting tools

Real-time Reporting

Powerful reporting tools track your communication and document portal software usage - including any outstanding actions, read status and disk space usage. Set up real-time alerts, e.g., get a notification if a customer opens a file and manage audit trails within the secure client portal software.
Our Cloud Document Portal is used by 45,000+ Customers Worldwide
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Secure Client Portal Benefits:

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Collaborate and Share Securely
Benefit from bank-level encryption in the customer portal software. Get peace of mind that your documents are more secure compared with sending via email. Use the Verify Signed Document function to check documents for tampering and comply with strict privacy laws with less administrative work.
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Complete Workflow Audit Trails
See the audit history of every interaction the recipient has with documents in the client portal. Every action taken within the online document portal software is logged and recorded, providing a complete and compliant audit log to refer back to.
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Intuitive Reporting Tool
Use full reporting on all outstanding actions, read status, disk space usage and number of documents published over time within the customer portal software. Stay on track with targets, meet customers’ demands and manage team productivity.
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Faster Document Turnaround Time
Contracts, financial statements, tax returns and more can now be sent to clients via the secure client portal software for fast sign-off with electronic signatures. Mail and courier costs can be significantly reduced. Send multiple related documents as part of a pack, that can be reviewed and signed together within the online document portal software.
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