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Secure Client Portal Software

Virtual Cabinet's client portal software makes it easy to create a secure, branded online workspace - where content can be safely exchanged between you and your clients. We've removed the complexity of managing collaborative projects. Our client document portal allows you to track activity for efficiency, manage approvals to prevent time-consuming bottlenecks, and always have open lines of communication - all in a powerful workspace, customised for your business.
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How Can Our Client Portal Software Help Your Business?

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Secure File Sharing

With your customer portal software, you can securely send documents or packs of documents to your clients, suppliers, partners or teams. You can rest at ease knowing Virtual Cabinet creates a complete audit trail as you send your files. It securely encrypts the data in transit, ensuring compliance with data privacy laws. Everything you send or share can be easily and securely managed from within your Virtual Cabinet online document portal.

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Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

You can request the recipients of documents to electronically sign - speeding up the process of obtaining approvals and the completion of business transactions. One document sent via our secure document portal can be signed by multiple people where required. This reduced the number of documents that need to be produced, routed and filed. There's no need for postage either - our client portal software is perfect for a paperless workplace.

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Document Retraction

When you send a document to a client or customer, you have complete control over their access to it. Need to retract a file so the recipient can no longer view it? You can do so automatically with the Virtual Cabinet portal. There's also a two-way upload function - so, you can request completed documents to be returned by customers, securely, via the client portal software.

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Real-time Reporting

With its built-in, real-time reporting functionality, our secure client portal software is here to streamline tasks and drive efficiency. You can use it to track communication with colleagues and clients, read statuses and any outstanding actions associated with that correspondence. It's totally customisable to the needs of your business. For example, you can set up real-time alerts, so, when a customer opens a file, you’ll get a notification. This also makes monitoring and managing the related audit trails far simpler - to save you time.

How Can Our Secure Client Portal Features Benefit Your Business?:

Collaborate and Share Securely

Collaborate with both colleagues and customers via our client portal software, safe in the knowledge all your documents and communications are protected by bank-level encryption. With the Verify Signed Document function, you'll have a complete overview of your shared documents, so you can check for tampering and comply with strict privacy laws. It's more secure than sending via email. And there's no trawling through threads to find attachments. Instead, everything is neatly stored and easy to access.

Complete Workflow Audit Trails

Want to know who has interacted with the documents you've sent via your client portal? Our online document portal software logs and records every action the recipient has taken. It automatically builds a complete and compliant audit log. So, you won't have to spend time manually building audit trails -– instead, they'll be there and ready for you to refer back to when compliance auditing comes around.

Intuitive Reporting Tool

Never miss a deadline with our customer portal software. It helps to streamline workflows and task loads by reporting on outstanding actions, read statuses, space usage, and the number of documents published over time. With our client document portal, you won't have important documents get lost in email trails, you'll be able to meet the demands of your customers, and manage and maximise your team's productivity.

Faster Document Turnaround Time

Save time and money. You don't have to send time-sensitive contracts, financial statements and tax returns via mail or courier services for sign-off. With Virtual Cabinet's online document portal software, you can send multiple related documents, as a pack, in an instant - ready to be reviewed and signed off with legally binding electronic signatures. So, you're less likely to face frustrating delays or miss important deadlines.

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