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Where critical information is hard to find or worse, lost. Start enabling your teams to be as productive as possible and never miss critical work! No other document management and work collaboration tool is as intuitive, clean and accessible.

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Everything you need for exceptional document management

Document storage

Capture, organise, manage and store documents in a simple and effortless way -making workload planning easy.

Electronic signatures

Unlimited electronic signatures supported by an expectational client experience.

Real-time messaging

Securely store and manage the entire lifecycle of all your documents from a single platform.

Shared tasks

Useful tools to manage remote employees, helping you get work done, for or with anyone, with structure and clarity.

Custom branding

Reinforce your brand with every interaction across the task management features.

Alerts and reminders

Receive new activity alerts and reminders to help with workload planning. Utilise smart nudging to help you be your best.

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Customer Testimonials

"VC Cloud has provided a really effective tool for me in communicating, secure document sharing and task management with my clients."


"VC Cloud helps me communicate with my clients better and keep up on my to-do's."


"VC Cloud makes creating, assigning and following up on tasks easy. Why isn't this functionality already part of primary office apps?"