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Data Protection Compliance

Comply with GDPR and other strict privacy laws and regulations.
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Wondering how to be GDPR compliant at work?

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Automate Retention and Deletion

Schedule documents to be automatically deleted from your system once they reach a certain age, ensuring data protection compliance.

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Locate & Control Sensitive Information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be located using powerful content searches across various file types – showing the most relevant results, helping you to fulfil Subject Access Requests in a timely manner.

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Access Controls and Secure File Share

Apply user permissions to documents to prevent access or changes. Comply with the data privacy act by sharing documents securely in the client portal to avoid breaching data protection laws.

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View Audit Trails

In line with GDPR compliance and data protection laws, you can view an audit history of every interaction with a document – including those by the creators, collaborators and recipients.

Benefits of Compliance:

Comply With Data Minimisation Rules

Strict privacy laws (e.g. GDPR compliance) have an emphasis on data minimisation for individuals, specifically the volume of data retained and the retention period.

Easily Manage Data Requests

Don't let a data request derail your day. Businesses can gain immediate access to all documents related to a client, making it easy to respond to data requests with VC.

Prevent Data Breaches

Ensure information security and data protection compliance with access controls – especially to documents that contain sensitive client information. The client portal, complete with up-to-date encryption for file sharing is a significant upgrade over email when it comes to privacy laws.

Ensure Data Integrity

Ensure the accuracy, completion, and reliability of documents throughout their lifecycle and manage files closely under strict data protection laws.

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