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COO, Pitcher Partners
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How Virtual Cabinet’s Software for Accounting can help your Firm

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“We chose Virtual Cabinet as it had the best integration to our Practice Management system. The automatic email filing was a massive time saver and the powerful searching was clearly the most easy to use for staff.”
- Crystal Harris, Administrative Services Manager, MGO

Virtual Cabinet helps accounting professionals more than any other industry. That’s because accountants are usually drowning in paperwork, client communication, filing, administration, handling sensitive data and chasing approvals.

Sound familiar? Virtual Cabinet's accounting document management software helps you manage your firm better than ever before. You'll get an instant return on investment - in both money and time - with our Document Management Software for accountants and our Client Portal

Our accounting document management software comes with so many tools to change the way your firm runs – from automatically filing secure documents to access controls. And that's why we believe we offer the best document management software for accountants. Here are just a few features of our software for accounting:

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Automate Compliance Workflows

From instant creation of associated documents (e.g. cover letters and stored templates), to tax pack finalisation via team workflow automation software for accountants.

Data and document security and protection
Email Capture & Filing

The whole team can see client conversations and documents, not just one-to-one emails. Choose from many levels of automation to suit your needs.

In-tray’s & Document Distribution

Assign work to individual staff members as it enters the business in one place. No more chaotic email document circulation.

Productivity Reports

Report on how many tasks and unfiled documents each of your team members has with document management for accountants. Find bottlenecks and improve workflow.

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Visibility On The Client End

Easily see any outstanding tasks sent to clients, and monitor if clients have opened or actioned documents in real-time.

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Templates & Auto-field Population

Reduce manual data input with automatic document population. Save enormous amounts of time with a higher accuracy rate.

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Standardise Filing

Organise all your information –from client documents to internal records – in one simple, standardised format.

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Privacy & Compliance

The UK, Australia, USA & NZ are all passing new privacy and data protection legislation such as GDPR. We help you stay compliant with accounting document management software.

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PM System Integration

Integrate with all major practice management software for accountants. Reduce administration for setting up new clients and avoid data duplication.

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Hear From A Few Of Our 45,000 Accounting Document Management Software Customers

"Now we can send a tax return off to a client and get it back from them on the same day within 5 minutes."
George Taylor, Practice Manager - Candor, Galway based Chartered Accountants
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George Taylor
Practice Manager
“The emails I receive on cases can now automatically be filed to the correct client with Email Capture. This is a huge time saver!"
Sam Bailey, Partner - Richard J Smith, Specialist Insolvency Practitioners And Chartered Accountants
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Sam Bailey
“Being able to basically ‘google for a document’ is amazing – efficiency, pure and simple. I love it, and my team love it.”
Dan Heelan, Business Services Manager - Heelan Associates, Hampshire based family accounting firm
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Dan Heelan
Business Services Manager
“Easy to use, unmatched features!”
Tanya Whidborne, COO - Pitcher Partners
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Tanya Whidborne
“Virtual Cabinet is simple and effective and it meets the needs of our business.”
Sara Bremner, PA to Marc Voulters and Richard Gilbert - SRLV Accountants, Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors
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Sara Bremner
PA to Marc Voulters and Richard Gilbert
“Virtual Cabinet has been an integral part of our transformation.”
Paul Miller, Managing Director - Cornish Accounting Solutions, Cornwall based accounting firm
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Paul Miller
Managing Director
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