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Accounting Document Management Software and Secure Client Portal

Thousands of firms – big and small – trust Virtual Cabinet's accounting document management software for their business. Book a demo today.

How Virtual Cabinet’s Software for Accounting Can Help Your Firm

“We chose Virtual Cabinet as it had the best integration to our Practice Management system. The automatic email filing was a massive time saver and the powerful searching was clearly the most easy to use for staff.”

- Crystal Harris, Administrative Services Manager, MGO

Virtual Cabinet helps accounting professionals more than any other industry. That’s because accountants are usually drowning in paperwork. Client communication, filing, administration, and chasing approvals all adds up to a mountain of paper documents and time spent trying to tame the chaos. Sound familiar?

Manage your workflows better than ever before with Virtual Cabinet. Get an instant return on investment – in both money and time – with our document management software and our Client Portal.

Our accounting DMS comes with so many game changing tools like instant, binding e-signatures through our secure Client Portal, automated filing, email capture, and access controls.

We know we offer the best document management system for accountants for firms of all sizes. Here are just a few key features of our DMS software that will eliminate the problems accountants face every day:

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Automate Workflows and Aid Compliance

Take back your time with automation. From instant creation of repetitive documents to tax pack finalisation via our secure client portal software, our accounting document management system fits your data compliance needs and ensures a complete audit trail.

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Email Capture & Filing

Say goodbye to lost and disordered client communication. The whole team can now see client conversations in order with associated documents. Automate common manual tasks like email filing and other administration to make your time more productive.

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Intrays & Document Distribution

Improve collaboration efficiency and accountability of tasks. No more chaotic internal email circulation. Group intrays allow for full visibility and accountability of tasks. Instantly communicate with your colleagues via real-time collaboration software.

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Productivity Reports

Report on tasks and unfiled documents with Virtual Cabinet’s document management system. Identify and eliminate workflow bottlenecks to improve your operations and processes, check on documents awaiting actions, and keep tasks visible.

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Visibility for Your Clients

No more waiting for contracts to make it through the post. Our instant, binding e-signatures mean you can take a huge step closer to optimum productivity. The VC secure client portal lets you easily see outstanding tasks or unopened client communication.

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Templates & Auto-Field Population

Reduce time-consuming manual data input with automatic document population within our file management software. Save enormous amounts of time with intelligent autofill, comply with company-wide regulations, and ensure consistency across your firm.

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Efficient Filing

No more filing confusion or wasting time trying to lay your hands on the right piece of paper. Organise all your information from client documents to internal records, in one consistent place. Never lose a file again with our smart document searches.

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Privacy & Compliance

The UK, Australia, USA & NZ are constantly updating privacy and data protection legislation. Get GDPR compliant with our intelligent accounting document management software. Maintain data security, and automatically create comprehensive audit trails.

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PM System Integration

Clunky integrations ruining your workflow? VC integrates seamlessly with all major accounting practice management software. Our document management software for small and large firms, integrates with your existing PM system for effortless office-wide collaboration.