Auto-File Your Documents & Emails

Automatically file emails and attachments, Practice Management files and scanned documents into Virtual Cabinet. Goodbye admin.

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Conversation Capture

Use Conversation Rules to index the first email in a conversation with your clients, then subsequent emails and any attachments in that conversation are captured automatically.

Auto-Email Filing

Use email address and subject rules to automatically capture emails based on the email addresses in your CRM system and information in the subject of the email.

Auto-Form Filing

Capture forms created by other systems and automatically file them in Virtual Cabinet. Configure templates based on the layout of particular forms.

Scan Filing

Use TWAIN scanners plugged into your computer to add documents to Virtual Cabinet. Use Multi-Functional Devices (e.g. large printers and network scanners) to add documents to Virtual Cabinet.

Used 45,000+ Customers Worldwide

Tanya Whidborne, 
COO at Pitch Partners Australia
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COO, Pitcher Partners
Kreston Reeves, chartered accountants and financial advisers, selects Virtual Cabinet as their document management systemPitch Partners, Australia selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management SoftwareMoore Stephens, Moore Global, global accountancy and consulting network of independent firms selects Virtual CabinetPKF Francis Clark, chartered accountants select Virtual CabinetCBW - Cater Baker Winter, top 50 accountancy firm selects Virtual Cabinet document management systemLovewell Blake, Accountants and financial advice firm, select Virtual Cabinet Document Management SoftwareSeven Investment Management - 7IM, Investment management firm selects Virtual Cabinet document management systemBelvoir, property management,  selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management SoftwareUnited Trust Bank, Specialist banking provide, selects Virtual Cabinet document management systemNottingham Trent University - public research university in Nottingham, England - selects Virtual Cabinet

Filing Automation Benefits:

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Save '000's of Admin Hours!
Spend less time manually filing emails, attachments, forms and scanned documents as Virtual Cabinet will automate the process with multiple options to suit your business needs.
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Improved Accuracy
Setting up auto-filing processes will help you get to 100% accuracy in your day-to-day business filing needs, and reduce the chances of human error through manual mis-filing.
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Save Physical Resources
Auto-filing into Virtual Cabinet storage will eliminate the need of preserving hard copies of documents, any associated physical filling needs and will save on paper and nature as well.
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Reduced Costs
With your filing processes automated, you don’t need to invest as much on existing resources for taking care of those manual tasks, saving you money.

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