Wet Signatures

Wet Signatures have arrived.

Unlimited signing, underpinned by your brand

What do we mean by “wet signature”?

When you hear “wet signature”, you’re probably automatically drawn to the use of pen and paper – it’s a physical copy on a paper document, right? At Virtual Cabinet, we’ve taken a different approach.  The digital wet signatures function allows users to electronically sign documents and speed up approvals. It’s a simple and flexible way to get the job done.

How to use the Virtual Cabinet wet signatures

Our wet digital signatures give senders and recipients the flexibility to choose how to sign a document. Sign directly using a mouse or a trackpad, or type using your keyboard. If a simple agreement is required then our one-click signing option is perfect.

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One-click E-sign
I agree
Your Contract
Wet E-sign

Features and Functions of Digital Wet Signatures

Click, tap, drag, and drop to prepare your documents for signing.
Request initials on single and multi-page documents.
Reusable Templates for standard documents
Define multi-party signatures for simple countersigning
Unlimited number of signature requests.
Customise with dynamic form field placement.
Real-time status visibility.

Signature Software That’s Built for You

You and your brand at the centre of every interaction.

What are the differences between our electronic wet signatures, and wet ink signatures? Creating a wet signature online comes with a whole host of benefits:

Electronic Wet Signatures


Wet Ink Signatures

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Digitally wet-signed documents can be delivered immediately, anywhere in the world.
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The same document can be signed by multiple stakeholders in one go.
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There’s added security – software can be used to detect tampering.
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Full visibility of the documents journey – from receiving  – to signing of single or multiple signatories.
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Physical copies must be sent through postal delivery which can cause delays.
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The same copy must be sent to each individual in turn, resulting in huge time delays.
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The risk of losing a file or it being intercepted is a much higher risk.
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Manual chasing is required to track the progression of the approval.

More than 'just' wet signatures

Secure and compliant

Our digital wet signatures are highly secure but easy to use, and compliant with e-signature and digital signature law, standards, and best practices.

Real-time messaging

All of the discussion — questions, clarifications, follow-up, and more — is all built into the signing process. It can all happen in real time, rather than having to wait around.

Get any work done

Signatures are a very specific type of work – and something that we do very well – but we don't stop there...
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