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What can Digital Wet Signatures do for You?

The ability to have a ‘golden truth’ - a ‘who said what’ record all in the same place, with easy to use chat UI taking place in the same window as the actual signature helps us to close deals much faster.

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Get Approvals - Fast

Request signatures for your business-critical document immediately, anywhere in the world.

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Bottlenecks Removed

Request multiple signatures - The same document can be signed by multiple stakeholders in one go. Don't get stuck waiting in a chain of approval.

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Full Visibility of the Document's Journey

From receiving – to signing of single or multiple signatories. Everything is tracked and a full audit trail is recorded. No manual chasing is required to track the progression of the approval.

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Guaranteed Secure Delivery

Our digital wet signatures are highly secure but easy to use, and compliant with e-signature and digital signature law, standards, and best practices.

Features and Functions of Digital Wet Signatures

Unlimited Number of Signature Requests.

No hidden costs, no sneaky additional fees. Just as many signatures you need to get your work done.

Your Company Branding Front and Centre

Make every interaction you have with your clients one they can trust.

Real-time Messaging 

Inbuilt messaging provides a connected space for questioning, clarifying and confirming - all in the signing process.

Reusable Signature Templates

Apply a template to commonly used documents that's pre-configured to your needs.

No Account Sign-up Needed

Remove the barriers - your clients, suppliers, or external teams do not have to create their own account to fully interact with what you've sent them.

How to Use Virtual Cabinet's Wet Signatures

It's as easy as click, drag, and drop to prepare your documents for signing.

Secure and compliant

Virtual Cabinet produces ‘Advanced Digital Signatures’ using third-party certificates, offering optimal compliance and admissibility for the broadest range of jurisdictional, legislative and governing body variations.

The key features that our e-signatures have to ensure they abide by respective UK, AU, NZ and US regulations are:

Confirmed Identity

Identity is determined by email address in order to uniquely link the document to the signatory.

Audit Trail Recorded

The date and time the Signatory signed the document is recorded in the document, alongside their email address, and details of the user that sent the document.

Multilayer Identification

For further proof of identity, the signatures also include the IP Address that the recipient used whilst signing the document.

Tamper-proof Technology

Any changes to the document will invalidate the electronic signature.

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See Digital Wet Signatures in Action

What do we Mean by Digital Wet Signature?

When you hear “wet signature”, you’re probably automatically drawn to the use of pen and paper – it’s a physical copy on a paper document, right? At Virtual Cabinet, we’ve taken a different approach.  The digital wet signatures function allows users to electronically sign documents and speed up approvals. It’s a simple and flexible way to get the job done.

What is a Signature?

A signature is a distinctive way of scribing one's name as a form of legal identification, whether that's their full name, initials or a simple mark that shows proof of identity and authorization. Signatures are physical evidence that an individual witnesses and certifies a document, or a section of a document, e.g., a contract. They also provide evidence that the individual has read and consents to the details outlined in the document.

Do Signatures Have to Be Legible?

Predominantly, your signature can be a mark - it can be a symbol, letter or a full signature. Most people write their signatures so quickly that they look more like scribbles, not to mention the difference that a new pen can make. So, technically, it doesn't need to be legible, as long as it's consistent.

Does a Signature Have to Be in Cursive?

Technically, no. Although it is typically recommended that signatures are written either fully or partly in cursive to help prevent fraud. No two people's handwriting is the same, so trying to replicate cursive will naturally be more difficult than copying it out in print.

Who Can Witness a Signature?

Generally, a neutral, third-party individual is best to witness a signature - someone who doesn't have a financial or any other personal interest in the agreement in question. It's also advised that your witness be reliable, 18 or older and have no relation to you.

What Is a Wet Signature?

Typically, wet signatures involve pen and paper. To sign a wet signature is to sign a physical paper document. But, at Virtual Cabinet, we've taken a different approach. Here, we're all about the benefits of digitisation. For us, digital wet signatures allow users to electronically sign documents and speed up approvals. It's a simple and flexible way to get the job done.