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Integrated Document Management

Hundreds of powerful software integrations.

From Microsoft Office plugins and CRM integrations, to custom solutions for integrated document management. Our powerful software integrations bring all your data together into one place. Design your integrated workflow and document management system with Virtual Cabinet today.
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Integrated Document Management Software with Virtual Cabinet

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At Virtual Cabinet, we're not a fan of compromise. We're all about and, not or. Our integrated workflow and document management system is built to work with your existing software, rather than against it because we're better together. That means you can retain your existing business infrastructure, keeping hold of those systems that work well for your business, while building an integrated document management hub at the centre of it all.

Worried about losing or organising your emails? With our document management software Outlook integration, you can keep everything in one, central location and automatically capture relevant information in your inbox.

Save even more time with 60+ integrations

At Virtual Cabinet, integration with your existing CRM, IPS, or Practice Management system is at the heart of what we do. Our document management solutions harmoniously co-exist with all major workflow software. Below, you’ll find some examples of key integrations with commonly used software, but this is far from an exhaustive list.

And many more software integrations! Interested in our integrated document management software? Ask if we connect to your existing systems today.

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