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Discover the document management features list - giving you full clarity on the benefits of document management at Virtual Cabinet. The all-in-one professional document management software used by leading brands.

Document Management System Features

The best document management software covers all bases. At Virtual Cabinet, we are here to help you streamline your business and speed up your workflows. To do that, we provide extensive resources and tools for our customers. The most popular document management features we offer are:


Speed up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions - gets jobs done quicker.
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Content Collaboration

Connect all departments with clients through Virtual Cabinets simple, secure and efficient document management software.
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Document Storage

Securely store and manage the entire lifecycle of all your documents from a single platform.
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Automatic Filing

Automatically file emails and attachments, practice management files and scanned documents into Virtual Cabinet.
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Secure File Sharing

Send large documents to anyone, anywhere, on any device via GetBusy.
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Combine the best document management software with Microsoft Office Plugins, CRM Integrations and custom business solutions.
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Version Control

Keep track of changes to documents over time, set permissions and rollback with version control.
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Document Creation

Quickly create templates that will automatically fill in information for commonly used documents - speeding up manual tasks and cutting down on admin.
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Access Controls

Utilise our industry leading security controls to protect critical business information at all lifecycle stages.
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Comprehensive reporting gives you full visibility and control against all your documents, usage and audit trails.
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Cloud Client Portal

Share content, manage approvals, track activity, and communicate safely with your clients and colleagues in a secure, online workspace.
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Content Searching

Utilise powerful content searches across all major file formats, with additional search indexes within document contents.
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Comply with data protection laws and regulations by securely organising and storing business documents.
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use the VC go app to access all your documents

Mobile App

Easily access your documents from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Transform how you work and enhance your client experiences.
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automated, trackable workflows

Workflow Automation

Automate business processes to stay productive, ensure compliance and increase visibility of job completion.
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Document Retention

Easily manage your company’s data governance and compliance policies to meet legal regulations and privacy laws.
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Task management - to do list

Filing Standardisation

Establish a standardised filing structure for your documents making indexing and retrieval easier and much and efficient. No more lost time looking for files.
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Multiple Branding

Send unlimited electronic signature requests from multiple fully white-labelled portal, giving your clients a cohesive experience.
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Benefits of Document Management Software

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Reduce Storage Space

Avoid the added expense of storing paper documents, reduce the need for filing cabinets and free up space when you go digital.
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Enhance Security

Keep sensitive data protected, improve controlled access and see audit trails – all with our ISO27001 compliant document management software. 
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Improve Regulatory Compliance

Requirements for certain document types can be complex – classify and store documents with ease. If you’re not compliant, you may receive fines and other penalties.
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Easily Retrieve Documents

Don’t waste time looking for lost files. Instantly find what you’re looking for with our robust search and indexing tools.
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Collaborate More Effectively

Distributing information and delegating tasks to colleagues and clients is easy with our task management tool.
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Improve your Workflows

All of the above benefits of document management result in more productivity and ultimately better workflows for your business.

Hear about the benefits of document management software from our customers

Metis Wealth, Chartered Financial Planners
“We have been using the portal for 3.5 years now. People trust it.”
Nathan Faraday
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Gibson Booth - Leading Business Solutions and Insolvency firm based in Barnsley, company logo
"We can now retrieve or see a document in 5 or 6 seconds."
Ted Wetton
Managing Director
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Richard J Smith, Specialist Insolvency Practitioners And Chartered Accountants - company logo
“The emails I receive on cases can now automatically be filed to the correct client with Email Capture. This is a huge time saver!"
Sam Bailey
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100's of powerful integrations

Virtual Cabinet is built to work with existing IT ecosystems. With many different integrations across email, CRMs and practice management tools, teams can continue to use their favourite apps while maintaining file consistency – all in one place..
Star is the professionals' No.1 choice for practice management solutions software - company logo
Myob online accounting software integrates with Virtual Cabinet
Xero, accounting software - logo
Fuse docs software integrates with Virtual Cabinet
Microsoft Office suite of products integrate with Virtual Cabinet document management - logo
Core IPS, The Number 1 insolvency software in Australasia - company logo - integrates with Virtual Cabinet
Sage, account and payroll management software integrates with Virtual Cabinet - company logo
ATOmate, Accountancy software  automating the processing of ATO documents. - integrates with Virtual Cabinet - company logo
Symphony, practice management software for accountants- integrates with Virtual Cabinet - Company logo
SSP insurance platform integrates with Virtual Cabinet
TurnKey IPS, practice management system for insolvency practitioners - company logo
Wolters Kluwer, CCH accounting software integrates with Virtual Cabinet
Explore more integrations >

Hybrid Cloud Document Management

We're a cloud-first business and all of our products are cloud-ready.

Virtual Cabinet is a 'hybrid' cloud management platform.

What does this mean?

It's made up of products that can be installed 'on premise' or in a 'private cloud' (e.g. Virtual Cabinet), and can be integrated with 'public cloud' products (e.g. Virtual Cabinet Portal or Virtual Cabinet Go).

Hybrid Cloud Document Management IconHybrid Cloud Document Management Icon

Cloud Document Management FAQs

How can I run Virtual cabinet in the cloud?

You can deploy the Virtual Cabinet cloud document management system to your existing private environment, or we can provide private cloud hosting for you via our Cloud for Virtual Cabinet (Cloud4VC) service. Cloud4VC is only available for UK Businesses.

Can I deploy Virtual Cabinet in AWS, Azure, GCP?

Yes, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform all provide everything you need to run Virtual Cabinet securely in the cloud - either in full or in part.

How can I access Virtual Cabinet from my mobile?

We've developed apps for iOS, Android and Windows that allow you to access the core features of Virtual Cabinet any time, from anywhere, using our Virtual Cabinet Go service.

Even better, you don't need to provision a complicated infrastructure or network protection to provide your team with secure Virtual Cabinet access on the go — it's all done with a simple snap of a QR code.

Virtual Cabinet Cloud

If you're Looking for a pure cloud solution take a look at Virtual Cabinet Cloud

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Virtual Cabinet embedded with cloud work management