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Ian Phillips, Deputy Managing Partner, Head of IT - Duncan & Toplis, Top 40 firm of Chartered Accountants
Ian Phillips
Deputy Managing Partner, Head of IT
Duncan & Toplis, Top 40 firm of Chartered Accountants

Duncan & Toplis chooses Virtual Cabinet

A Top 40 firm of Chartered Accountants. Integration was the primary concern during their document management software selection process.

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Virtual Cabinet solves document management dilemma for one of the largest
independent firms of Chartered Accountants

Duncan & Toplis, a Top 40 firm and one of the largest independent firms of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, rolled-out the Virtual Cabinet document management system to its 330 staff.

The firm carried out a review of various products specifically looking for a solution that could withstand the rigours of the professional accountancy environment and provide a reliable base to manage client communications both within the practice and with clients themselves. “We had several quite specific requirements and we were looking for a provider who was forward looking and who had a clear plan to develop their product,” commented Ian Phillips, Deputy Managing Partner, Duncan & Toplis and head of IT for the practice.

“We short listed three systems and following detailed discussions with each provider, we then decided on Virtual Cabinet. We have previously worked with Virtual Cabinet and we found the product simple to use and intuitive. It has a modern Windows feel and we like the functionality it provides and can see it being beneficial to our staff and believe it will enhance our service to our clients.”
- Ian Phillips, Deputy Managing Partner, Duncan & Toplis

“Integration was our primary concern during the selection process. We needed to be confident that our document management system would integrate with our existing IRIS software and, in particular, with the Auto Mail program that we use to generate correspondence.”

“Virtual Cabinet was able to demonstrate compatibility between Virtual Cabinet and the software solutions we use. We were also very keen to introduce a ‘Client Portal’ but were concerned about the integrity and security of our client’s data. Virtual Cabinet was able to satisfy us on all aspects and we were happy to introduce this as an additional service for our clients.”

Virtual Cabinet integrates with all leading software houses including IRIS, Sage, Digita, CCH, Star, APS and Practice Engine and adopts an approach suited to the accountancy profession that delivers faster searching, full version control and a complete audit trail to guarantee adherence to standards for legal admissibility.

The Newark office is the first of the 10 Duncan & Toplis offices to be converted to Virtual Cabinet.

“We are delighted with the experience so far. Virtual Cabinet is very easy to use and offers us modern functionality with an integrated document portal to exchange documents securely with our clients. We were very impressed with the Virtual Cabinet team and how they worked with our people.”
- Ian Phillips, Deputy Managing Partner, Duncan & Toplis

Virtual Cabinet specialises in providing affordable document management and portal solutions to accountants. With over 2,500 installations, the Virtual Cabinet team has a huge experience and understanding of how to help practices “go paperless”. A strategically developed document management system that incorporates portal technology is the backbone of a successful practice. Users can scan, file, record, access, digitally sign, and exchange documents in a secure environment via a standard browser.

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