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Jackie Werner
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Harvard Financial selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management System

This forward thinking team of Independent Financial Advisors wanted a document management system to seamlessly integrate with their existing software.

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The Organisation

Established in 1996 Harvard Financial Ltd is a firm of Independent Financial Advisors based on the coast of Christchurch, Dorset. They have been recognised for 13 years and provide an efficient, professional referral service for IFA’s, Accountants and Solicitors. Their approach is that every client is different, with individual requirements. They place their client’s needs at the centre of everything they do.

The Need for Document Management

Due to their popularity, client files were countless. However, Harvard Financial have learnt to embrace technology and always aim to utilise the best systems available to provide their clients with a second to none service. Harvard Financial had used Virtual Cabinet's expertise in integrating software previously, by integrating their back office system; CCD.

The Process

Virtual Cabinet began to the process of installing Virtual Cabinet in February 2011. Client files were transferred into the new document management system, and the Virtual Cabinet team handled all of the integration requirements. The integration makes the finding and accessing of important information like client files, and pension documents essentially easier and quicker.

Jackie Werner, Director at Harvard Financial Ltd, has been particularly enthusiastic about the linking of their new system with Quay.

“The kit was fantastic when we looked at the demo; it enabled us to attach emails and word documents to our already existing software, ‘Quay’.”
- Jackie Werner, Director, Harvard Financial Ltd

“This allowed us to email directly from the document” she went on to say: “the scanned documents looked so much clearer when viewed on the Virtual Cabinet ‘Document Viewer and allowed us to add notes to the scanned documents.

After the software was installed, Jackie confirmed it was much easier to understand the nature and efficiency of the technology and was able to use it in a way which maximised her business.

The benefits for Harvard Financial have been immediate and continuous; the installation of Virtual Cabinet was effective and straightforward.

Harvard Financial is one of the many businesses to have recognised the potential benefits of migrating to Virtual Cabinet. Jackie went on to mention:

“The support service provided has been much appreciated and we love the new Virtual Cabinet system!”
- Jackie Werner, Director, Harvard Financial Ltd

With the future option of the fully integrated Client Portal for secure document delivery to their clients, Harvard Financial knows they have made a wise choice.

If you’re looking to implement, or even migrate to a document management system, Virtual Cabinet can provide seamless integration with your existing software – as well as helping to achieve optimal efficiency within your business.

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Ben Woodthorpe
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Susan Allen
Head of Platform Service Team
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Wesley Williams
IT Manager
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Andy Manning
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Seamus Parfrey
Managing Partner
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Ian Phillips
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