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Darren Kelly, Director - Illingworths, Insurance Brokers
Darren Kelly
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Illingworths selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

One of the most respected Brokers in the UK estimates Virtual Cabinet has already paid for itself, in only 12 months.

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The Organisation

Established in 1973, Illingworths Insurance & Financial Services has grown to become one of the most respected Brokers in the UK. Based in York, the practise offers a wealth of experience in the insurance and financial field to both general and complex businesses, not only in York, and the surrounding areas but to the length and breadth of the UK.

The Problem

Being established for such a long time, with a well earned reputation for professionalism, the aim was to withhold such repute, whilst being able to cater to clients at maximum potential. Virtual Cabinet helped provide an often overlooked tool, and helped to integrate a paperless office system into Illingworths existing back office; OpenGI.

The need for a Document Management system had been imperative to Illingworths from an early age, but the integration and subsequent update became the key factor, in Illingworths being even more proficient than before.

"I believe Virtual Cabinet has paid for itself in increased productivity within the first 12 months of installation.”
- Darren Kelly, Director, Illingworths

The Go Ahead

Illingworths purchased 15 licenses, and proceeded with the installation, and Virtual Cabinet transferred all existing electronic client files, whilst the transfer took place, Virtual Cabinet provided comprehensive training programme for all users, this ensured that everything was in place, and ready for the launch of Virtual Cabinet.

“In day-to-day terms, it’s the speed of access to documentation from my desktop without the need to search through filing cabinets which impresses most", says Darren Kelly, Director at Illingworths. "Being able to bring up copy correspondence on screen within seconds, particularly when speaking on the phone to clients, avoids the need to call back after locating paper files. This gives a more efficient and professional image to customers.

“Long term, it’s saved me literally tens of thousands of pounds in office space that is no longer needed for old fashioned filing cabinets.”
- Darren Kelly, Director, Illingworths

“We moved premises in 2010 and as a result of the Virtual Cabinet solution; we could make space savings as we did not need several rooms to store paper files.”

Benefits from the Solution

The Virtual Cabinet integration with OpenGI was probably the sole reason we initially went with Virtual Cabinet, whilst we use VC for non OpenGI documents, the ease of a simple double click between VC and OpenGI when indexing and searching documents is paramount to the smooth and efficient running of a modern Insurance Brokers office.”

Illingworths have seen important changes since the implementation, with ROI being paramount. “The Return on Investment is easy to measure when you look at the savings we have made in office space. Regardless I believe Virtual Cabinet has paid for itself in increased productivity within the first 12 months of installation.

Not only have the benefits been seen in ROI and efficiency, but they have been evident in the customer service performance. Darren Kelly explains how Virtual Cabinet has become a core piece of software within the organisation.

“All users have it running throughout the day and it is a core piece of software in our daily routines. In fact I would go on to say it is one of the most important pieces of software, vital to the day to day running of our business.”
- Darren Kelly, Director, Illingworths

“As a group we must index or view over 500 records per day.”

As well as working well as a stand alone system, it links seamlessly with our OpenGI system allowing ‘double click’ indexing of documents to our client’s files (saving you filling in several of the index fields). So if like us, you are in the insurance industry and using OpenGI, it’s still the system of choice due to this integration.

We moved office premises last year and because we had used the Virtual Cabinet solution for the preceding years, I was able to purchase premises with around 1000sqft less as I no longer had dozens of filing cabinets. At today’s rates that’s an amazing return on the cost of Virtual Cabinet!

Virtual Cabinet is one of the UK’s leading Document Management system providers and it enables all users to benefit from an affordable solution. Virtual Cabinet offers the essential features of expensive systems, and much more. Insurance companies can gain a valuable competitive advantage and Virtual Cabinet strives to excel each industries expectations of Document Management. Furthermore, de-cluttered office space can be used more productively and profitably by the organisation, allowing for great benefits across all aspects of the company.

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