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Cut your report collation and distribution time by over 65% with this powerful Virtual Cabinet integration

Cut your report collation and distribution time by over 65% with this powerful Virtual Cabinet integration

This new Virtual Cabinet integration allows you to compile report packs and get them to your clients quickly, consistently, and with polished presentation.

  • Stop searching for individual documents in Virtual Cabinet to email or upload to the Virtual Cabinet Portal
  • Easily compile formatted, branded financial statement report packs from documents within Virtual Cabinet and get them to your clients quickly

Did you know that the average accounting practice spends upwards of 45 minutes compiling report packages to send to clients? The time really stacks up – and it’s time your team could and should be spending on work that really matters. FuseDocs is a Virtual Cabinet integration that completely automates the collation and publishing of documents from Virtual Cabinet to your clients via the Virtual Cabinet Portal, or by email.

Spending hours collating annual client report packages for clients, one of our Virtual Cabinet clients in Adelaide, South Australia was looking for ways to streamline their processes and better integrate their internal systems – so they could prepare and deliver professional documents to their clients quickly and consistently.  

Using FuseDocs to automate their annual collation process, the team at Accru Harris Orchard have cut the time it takes to complete an annual client collation by over 65%.

“It is now much easier to format the documents to send via the portal, we can easily add extra documents or exclude specific documents - which we couldn’t do before. We are able to produce professional documents faster than we previously were able to, we are a fast-paced business and we are able to send out clients work more efficiently now.”
- Ayzsa Gibbs, Client Services Co-Ordinator
  • FuseDocs locates all the relevant documents for collation within Virtual Cabinet
  • Automatically formats, orders, and applies electronic signatures to compilation reports
  • Prepares a branded, professional report package with portal or signing packs

FuseDocs automatically creates a hyperlinked table of contents and inserts onscreen bookmarks – making for a seamless experience for those clients viewing documents on devices.

Having recently introduced the Virtual Cabinet Portal to distribute documents to their clients securely, Accru Harris Orchard also use the powerful “Push to Portal” feature in FuseDocs – allowing them to compile reports and publish them directly to clients without needing to locate/extract/publish documents from Virtual Cabinet to the Portal, completely automating several steps in their process and allowing them to get their documents to their clients quickly and easily.

“Fusedocs has allowed us to improve our job collation process through efficiency and consistency, while providing the client with a more professional looking package, no matter how they choose to receive it. Our support staff now have more time to devote to client services with the significant time saving we have been able to achieve.
- Ainsley Coggins, Director

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