How To Work From Home Securely

Building secure connections to support you working effectively remotely

Laying the foundations

This is your guide to help you navigate your way to a secure remote working infrastructure. Many of us will have to adapt the way we work, and although you are the expert on which working style allows you to be the most productive, and what techniques are best to keep the children from trashing the house, the purpose of this guide is to get down to the nuts and bolts of laying the foundations needed to ensure you continue to serve your clients with the same first class service they're accustomed to receiving.

This guide will cover everything from setting up secure connections to your network to gaining digital signatures from your clients.
**Please note: As each business is individual in it's setup, we recommend you speak to your IT/Technical contact to make sure you make the best decisions for your business, colleagues and clients.**

Remote connections

To achieve a successful, smooth transition to remote working you need to begin by gaining access to your network. Armed with a secure connection to all your client files, systems and shared resources you can continue to work collaboratively with your colleagues and support your clients with up to date data without delay.
Document management integrations

VPN Access

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network, allows you to gain a fast, reliable and secure connection to your network including access to your back office systems and your Virtual Cabinet document management system.
We recommend LogMeIn's Hamachi.
Hamachi Virtual Private Network from LogMeIn Inc. is an industry-trusted, scalable VPN which can be used from any location with Internet access. As opposed to your needing to purchase, install and maintain hardware and networking on-site, Hamachi allows you an on-demand option which can be increased or decreased at will.

Advantages of implementing a Hamachi VPN:
• Once set up, Hamachi can run in the   
   background of networked computers so you always have access even when they’re unattended.
• Setup can be done completely remotely
• Secure communications using AES 256-bit encryption, over public and private networks

Providing a secure private network to access sensitive company data ensures peace of mind

secure connection icon
of business data breaches came
via unsecured wireless devices

Hosted Desktops

What is a Hosted Desktop?
A Hosted Desktop empowers you to have all of your day-to-day computing requirements running within a private cloud. This ensures your applications such as your back office software, and your Virtual Cabinet document management system are continuously accessible, and that you have both optimal performance and safety from security breaches. The idea is that you barely realise that your Hosted Windows Desktop is not running on your local computer, but within a secure hosted environment. It looks and operates the same as your normal Windows desktop.
A Hosted Desktop is an IT platform, in-a-box.  Both a complete hosted IT platform for your business, coupled with 24/7/365 UK support.  A container for all of your practice applications and data, hosted securely, reliably and designed for the mobile workforce. 
•  UK hosted in the leading tier 3 (ISO accredited) data centres
•  Hourly backups, retained for 12 months
•  Protected by ultra-secure, Sonic WALL firewalls and anti-virus
•  Scale up & down logins on a month by month basis
•  Fully managed setup and migration process of data and applications
•  Setup a brand new computer, in minutes
Cloud4VC is Virtual Cabinet in the Cloud.  Enjoy full functionality without the maintenance, cost or infrastructure of running your own Virtual Cabinet server. Rest in the comfort of knowing that your data is being professionally stored and maintained by experts.  Ideal for both office and remote working.   
In addition to all the benefits listed for hosted desktop you will also benefits from the following:
•  Seamless integrations, i.e. Intelligent Office, Microsoft Office, IRIS
•  Increased mobility – access Virtual Cabinet from any Windows PC with an internet connection
•  Same rich functionality as having your own server
•  Simple monthly billing with no large outlays on hardware/software
•  Peace of mind - all backups, upgrades and security taken care of
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use the VC go app to access all your documents

VC Go Mobile App

What is VC Go?

VC Go is our mobile app, developed as a companion to your VC system. Allowing you to easily access your documents and client files anytime from any device. With all the latest versions of your data, direct access to your intray, Tasks, and most recently viewed documents,  fulfilling requests from your clients couldn't be easier.
How can VC Go support you?
The biggest benefit of the mobile app is the ability to create faster business processes. Turn all your existing manual processes and workflows into digital ones for a simple and convenient system for managers to review and approve documents.

There are many other benefits of the app to help you work efficiently whilst away from the office:
•  Manage your intray and move documents to other intrays
•  Always be up-to-date with the latest version of your files
•  Increased efficiency and reduce your response time leading to happy clients
•  Simple set up and navigation. No training needed; get up and running in no time.
•  Share documents with other apps on your device
•  Audit, security and compliance all maintained
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Productivity graph
Mobile apps can boost your productivity by more than

Staying connected with your clients

With reduced mobility at this time finding ways to stay connected with your clients and making sure they have everything they need can be tricky. But by implementing the right systems you can keep business continuity and reduce disruption.
Virtual Cabinet Client Portal

Secure Client Portal

Stay connected with your clients by providing secure document access. Save time, streamline workflows and elevate your customer experience.
How can our Client Portal support you and your clients?
Achieve the ultimate in workflow optimisation and time-saving organisation tools by connecting the Portal to Virtual Cabinet. Publish documents to your clients directly from where they are filed in Virtual Cabinet, request a signature, approval or supporting documents all with a few clicks.
•  Request approvals and legally binding e-signatures from your clients and suppliers that can be actioned anywhere from any device
•  Create a digital document store for your clients to access anytime
•  Never worry about sending a big file again with our 250mb capacity
•  No printing cost or wait time on post or couriers
•  With inbuilt reporting and notifications you have complete visibility of everything being sent through the portal.
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paperless office

Portable, Desktop and Network Scanners

Turning paper digital

Turning paper files digital is going to play a big part in ensuring you have the correct information to support your clients and collaborate with your colleagues. We suggest you create digital copies of anything crucial that you might need while away from the office.
Working with digital files allows you greater flexibility and improved efficiency, as well as many other benefits including:
•  Collaboration
•  Disaster recovery
•  Easy organisation
•  Efficient retrieval
•  Legal Admissibility

There is a wide range of scanners we can advise you on depending on your requirements. Please give us a call or drop us a line and we will be happy to find something suitable for you.
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