Simplify business processes
with automated Tasks


Automate manual procedures for your teams and departments

Complete Visibility

Keep track of the progress of all your teams Tasks

Highly Customisable

Tailor-made workflows designed to fit your business needs

Manage all your processes in one place

Tasks in Virtual Cabinet allow you to automate existing business processes to improve your productivity, ensure compliance, and increase visibility of job completion.

Any business using Virtual Cabinet can benefit from implementing Tasks and we’ll show you what can be done and how to get the most from them.

These Tasks can be used throughout your business, from client facing work like processing Tax Returns, to HR and internal business processes, such as new user onboarding.

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What will I learn?

How to create document workflows and business processes that are slicker, quicker and easier to track.

This webinar will show you how our Tasks feature allows you to automate your manual processes, with tailor-made workflows designed to fit your business needs. Giving you increased efficiency, visibility, control, and accountability. Let’s leave manual processes in the 2010’s.

When is it?

The webinar is available to watch on demand.
Find it here: https://youtu.be/9dMoBg-AChY

Who's the host?

Lee Porter -
Account Manager

"The task we use simply replicate the process as if we were completing the task in paper.  
One of the benefits to the staff is that because of the set up and the workflows, staff can now work from home one day a week. Working from home would not have been possible without VC. So, by building and developing tasks, it not only makes our job more efficient but it has created a better work life balance."
Derek Morton, Insolvency Manager - Kay Johnson Gee.