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Staff Training and
Best Practice Business Reviews

Are you using Virtual Cabinet to its full potential? Are you across the latest best practice updates? Book in a 'check-up' to make sure your staff, processes and technology are performing at their best.

Schedule a Time
Be prepared for the busy season
Get your staff ready
Maximise your investment
Take full advantage of our powerful system
Get new staff up
to speed faster
From beginner to advanced users
Skill up your existing users
With popular, new and best practice features

Staff Training

Option 1: Full Training
- For staff with no Virtual Cabinet training.
- From Basics to Advanced: get everyone up to speed.
- Based on each users' role in the business.
- Online materials included.
Option 2: Refresher Training
Fully customised to staff already familiar with Virtual Cabinet including:
- Most popular features users love to use.
- New features introduced since initial training.
- Interactive sessions based on staff questions and best practice advice.

Business Review

Every year you visit your dentist right? Well, touching base every so often to make sure your Virtual Cabinet system is operating at its best is no different!
What's included?
- Sessions with key users to understand their challenges.
- Current issues and processes reviewed.
- New feature demonstration.
- Departmental best practice based on experience and industry insights.
Summary report: key recommendations and how to implement them.
What does the time on site look like?
- We'll be in touch to discuss and prepare.
- 1-2 hour key user discovery session.
- Spend time with users at their workstations.
- 10-15 min department discovery sessions.
- Configuration changes for instant impact.

Book Training & Business Review:

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Get your staff ready for the busy season
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Maximise your investment
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For both big and small businesses and firms
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Skill up your existing users
David Owen, Global head of Virtual Cabinet. Based in the UK office. Available to answer your questions
Kathryn Koch, key account manager for Virtual Cabinet. Based in the Sydney, Australia office. Available to answer your questions.

Book Training & Business Review

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