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Your Custom-Branded Cloud Portal For Better Client Communication

Cloud file
Email & CRM
A Better
Client alerts
& reporting
Automate filing
and workflow
Secure your
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& Team
500,000+ people use
Virtual Cabinet's Cloud Portal
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Used by to 27% of the top 100
firms in some countries
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Connect your brand to a better customer experience

Share files in the client portal software with your customers in the cloud, collaborate with seamless version control, organise all past jobs: all without cluttering their email. Make a good impression, and show off your brand.

Legally binding electronic signatures

Don't force your customers to print PDF's, manually sign them, scan them in, and then email them! Using eSignatures with our client portal software could improve your turnaround time by up to 80% (Ombud).
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"We send a document to the client in the morning,
and by the afternoon we have sign off."
- Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Systems
“In 85-90% of cases, we are starting to
see faster turnaround times.”
– Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Systems
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Search all of your documents online, and send large files

Never worry about sending a big file again. Access your online documents anytime from any device (PC, Mac) and our mobile app (iPhone, Android). Easily handover files to another worker if you go on holiday.

Significantly better security

Control who can access your files, see who has opened them and when with the Virtual Cabinet customer portal software. Also encrypt your communication with bank-level security. A significant security upgrade from email.
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Real-time reporting, including customer tracking

Use our powerful reporting tools to track your communication. Set up real-time alerts: for example, get a notification if a customer opens a file.

Automate your filing, and your streamline workflow

Connect your Customer Portal to our Document Management software for the ultimate in workflow optimisation and time-saving organisation tools.
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Seamless integration with your Email, CRM and other tools

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We can evaluate your business pain points and provide a custom solution and pricing to match
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