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Document Retention Add-on

A new add-on feature for Virtual Cabinet that will help you manage the life cycle of your documents
Automatically determine what will happen to documents when they reach a certain age
Best utilised with an Archiving Policy and helps to create a self-managing Virtual Cabinet system
Kathryn Koch, key account manager for Virtual Cabinet. Based in the Sydney, Australia office. Available to answer your questions.
Steven Scarlett,
Partner at Lovewell Blake - Chartered Accountants and Financial Planners
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One Partner said to me the other day that Virtual Cabinet has changed his life.
Steven Scarlett | Partner At Lovewell Blake
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How will Document Retention benefit you?

The Document Retention add-on feature has a number of benefits:
Comply with laws
Privacy laws (e.g. GDPR) have an emphasis on data minimisation for individuals, specifically volume of data and retention period.
Reduce server costs
Save money on server space and reduce your IT burden by destroying documents that are no longer required to be stored.
Simplify your system
Keep your system organised and free of legacy documents, making it faster and easier to find active documents.

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