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Activation guide - video

1.What is the Client Portal anyway?

Virtual Cabinet Client Portal is used by thousands of users to send documents securely and quickly to customers, suppliers and contacts.

If you've received a document through the Portal, this guide is for you!

2. Account Activation

When you first receive a Portal document, you'll receive an email notification.

You must activate your account before you can see the document you've been sent.

Choose the “Click on this link” hyperlink:

Account activation email link

You'll be directed to a secure "Activate Your Account" page:

Activate your account - Step 1
Activate your account - Step 2

Fill in your details, then click “Activate account”.

You'll be granted access to the document you've been sent!

That's it! Congratulations :)

You can log back into your Portal Account anytime by going to:

Simply enter your Email address and Password you used to activate your account, and click “LogIn”. Tick the box to remember your password if you wish.

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