Client Portal: Full Recipient Guide

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1. Introduction

Individuals and Organisations all over the world use the Virtual Cabinet Client Portal to exchange documents and information quickly and securely with their customers, suppliers and contacts.

This document is intended to assist those who have been sent documents or information via the Portal.

2. Account Activation

Activate your portal account - video

The first time you are sent a document through the Portal, you will receive an email notification. Before you can access the document, you must activate your account.

The email notification steps you through this process.

Simply read through the instructions in the email, and click the link within the email titled “Click on this link”:

email notification

After clicking the link, you will be directed to a secure Activate your account page on the Virtual Cabinet Portal website.

Activate your account - step 1
Activate your account - step 2

Please complete the activation process as instructed.

Once you have completed this, please click “Activate account”.

Once you have clicked “Activate account”, you will be presented with the document, or pack of documents that was published to you.

You may now access your Portal Account at any time, from any device, using a web browser and navigating to:

Simply type in your Email address and Password that you used to activate your account and click the “Log In” button.

You can tick the box to remember your password if you wish.

3. Forgotten Password

Reset your password - video

You may now access your Portal Account at any time from any device using a web browser and navigating to the following page:

And click the “Having problems?” link.

Once you have clicked the link, you will be presented with a page asking for your email address so that the Virtual Cabinet Portal can send a password request link to you.

Simply enter your email address and click the “Continue” button:

Access account

You will then be presented with a page explaining that the password reset request has been entered and that you will receive an email shortly:

Access account 2

Check your email inbox for the email sent by the Portal. Once you receive the email click the “Reset my password” link within it.

You will be redirected to a secure web page on the website.

'Reset my password' email

You will now be able to see the password reset page, allowing you to type in your new password for your Virtual Cabinet Portal account.

Ensure you follow the instructions, and click the “Save Changes” button once you are finished:

Login with new password

Once your password has been reset, please click the link titled “Login” button to open up the login page where you can log into Virtual Cabinet Portal with your new credentials:

Login with new password

4. Document Signing

Viewing and signing documents - video

After clicking the link in the notification email you'll receive - and signing in -you will see the document.

An example document is shown below:

document signing screen

To sign the document simply click the sign button at the top of the document.

This will show a screen giving information about the signature and, if permitted by the publishing company, an area to add an optional message:

Add an optional message

Click Sign to confirm the signature.

At this point you can download a copy of the document to your own machine if you wish.

Signature confirmation

5. Sending Documents

Once you have an account with the portal you may have the ability to send documents either in the form of a request, or at will via your portal main page (after logging in).

If it is in the form of a request you will see something similar to the document signing screen.
However, in place of the sign and reject buttons you will see the reply button:

Reply to a request

To reply to the document simply click the reply button at the top of the document.

This will show a screen giving allowing you to choose a document from your computer and, if permitted by the publishing company, an area to add an optional message:

Reply Box

You can select 5 documents at a time and up to 100MB per document. Once you have added your documents click send.

You will then be presented with the following confirmation:

"You have successfully replied to..."

You can also send a document at any time via the portal main page.

This is located under the COMPOSE box:

'Compose' box

6. Authenticating your Device & Browser

Authenticate your browser - video

This process will only need to be followed if you need to perform a task on a document, such as digitally sign it.

It will only be triggered if you are trying to perform such a task for the first time on a new device or using a new internet browser.

Signing a document needs to be a highly secure process, so we need to be assure as possible that your Portal Account has not been compromised.

When you are asked to sign a document, the email notification you receive will say so, and the Sign and Decline buttons will appear when you access the document in the Portal.

Securely sign or decline

When clicking the Sign button, you will be presented with a pop-up notification stating that you need to authenticate your device or browser and that you have already been sent and authentication email.

Security check - authenticate your browser

When you open the authentication email, there will be a link that you need to click to enable the current device for signature approval.

Make sure you click or use this link on the same device and browser that you are using to sign the document.

Link to portal document

The link will take you to a Virtual Cabinet webpage where you can specify if this device is for private use, or is a shared device.

Select the appropriate option.

Device privacy

You will then be allowed to continue with the singing process. A pop-up will be presented asking if you would like to add a message to the document you are signing.

Feel free to create a message, and click the “Sign” button to sign and send the document:

Signing statement

Once you have clicked this, you will receive a pop-up message stating that the document has been signed and returned.

7. Troubleshooting

If you are having any issues with accessing the Virtual Cabinet Portal web-page, or logging into your Portal account, there are a few steps that you can take…

  • Trouble related to accessing the Portal web-page may be due to networking issues. You may want to check your internet connectivity (either wired or Wi-Fi) and ensure that you do not have the website in your blocked URL settings.
  • ‍When logging on to the Portal, please ensure you use the email address and password that you provided when activated your Portal account. Double check the email address by checking the notification you received from the Portal.
  • ‍If you are using autofill information within the Portal when logging in, ensure that there are no blank characters  before or after your user credentials as this can cause login issues due to the 50 character limit.
  • ‍Ensure you are using the latest version possible of your web-browser as this will help with navigating the site, and will allow you the most functionality of the Portal. This also helps to keep your browser safe from vulnerabilities.
  • ‍If your browser has add-ons, extensions, or toolbars that have been installed then these can interfere with the usability of websites, including the Portal. If you have any issues relating to the Portal that seem unusual, try installing another browser, removing the add-ons/extensions/toolbars, or resetting your current browser back to its default settings. Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari (browsers are not limited to those mentioned above).
  • ‍Ensure your cookies and JavaScript  settings are correctly configured in your browser. If these may be causing you a problem, try resetting the browser back to factory defaults as mentioned above.
  • If you have any further issues with Portal documents, please contact the company that you have received the  document from.

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