Important Changes To Automatic Email Capture Services

As of October 2020, Microsoft are applying important security updates* to their Exchange Online Office 365 service that may impact your Virtual Cabinet automatic email capture solution.
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Conversation Rules or CcMail?

Virtual Cabinet has two methods for automatically capturing your emails that will be affected by the changes. Find out if your system will be affected and what you need to do.

Am I Using Conversation Rules?

Conversation Rules are created by users in Outlook. Once a conversation rule is added to an email, all future replies/forwards of that email chain will be automatically filed in Virtual Cabinet.

An administrator can check for this feature by going to the Admin tab and clicking on Capture Email Accounts. If there are items shown in the list, you have Conversations Rules in place.

If I use Conversation Rules…

You need to upgrade to Virtual Cabinet version 4.0 or above by October. You can check your current version by simply logging in to Virtual Cabinet, clicking on the circle in the top left, and clicking 'About'. Newer versions of Virtual Cabinet also have your version information displayed on your Home tab, along with information about the latest released version.
Upgrading Virtual Cabinet
Upgrading is easy! You can perform your own upgrades, giving you the flexibility to perform upgrades when it is suitable for you. 

The upgrade process is very simple. Visit our Support Centre for full details on how to upgrade. We’d recommend you speak with your System Administrator before running any updates. 

If you’d like a bit more help our Support team can assist you with the upgrade. Speak with our Support team to arrange a date and time that suits your business.

Am I Using CcMail?

CcMail automatically captures emails by comparing each email to your back office system. It can look for a client code in the subject of the email or matches an email address to one stored in your back office system.

If I use CcMail...

You need to upgrade CcMail before October. Contact our Support team to arrange a free upgrade.  The upgrade process is simple, quick and will not cause downtime on the rest of the Virtual Cabinet product. We will require assistance from your IT Administrator during the upgrade.
If you require more information or have any questions regarding these changes please feel free to get in touch.
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* Microsoft Security Updates

As of October 2020 Microsoft:
· Will no longer supporting TLS 1.0/1.1, we must use TLS 1.2.
· New clients that start to use Office 365 Exchange Online will not be able to use “Basic Authentication”