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What can our Legal Document Management Software do?

"Virtual Cabinet was recommended to Heritage by myself, as I used it at my previous employers where I found it to be incredibly user friendly."
- Stuart Burrell, Finance Director, Heritage Legal

Few industries have more data complexities than the legal industry – meaning there’s a need for specific software for law firms.

Good legal document management software centralises your data company-wide, and makes it easily accessible (including Optical Character Recognition searches), so you can pull up the full job history of any matter in seconds, saving time, and improving customer service and accuracy.

Our law firm software for legal document management comes with a whole host of benefits. Administration is minimised with automatic filing and capture technology; workflows are automated and streamlined; team performance reports can be generated real-time to address bottlenecks; and your data is encrypted and secured with detailed permissions options (especially important with privacy legislation, such as GDPR, on the increase worldwide).

Virtual Cabinet's secure Client Portal software for law firms also lets lawyers send encrypted files online to clients, and then see exactly who opens them with a full audit trail. The online legal document management software allows your clients to sign contracts with legally binding digital signatures to significantly reduce turnaround time.

If you're looking at document management software for law firms, then consider Virtual Cabinet - because your business is only as good as its processes. For an instant return on investment, in both money and time, talk to us about our legal document management systems today.

We will cater the document management software for legal needs – meaning your system will be prepped to suit your daily tasks and document types. So whether you need to file documents under one specific case or group files for one of your clients, Virtual Cabinet can automate the process and cut down on admin.

Email Capture & Filing

The whole team can see matter specific conversations and files, not just one-to-one emails. There are many levels of automation to suit your needs.

In trays & Document Distribution

Assign work to individual staff members as it enters the business in one place. No more chaotic email document circulation.

Productivity Reports

Report on how many tasks and unfiled documents each of your team members has. Find bottlenecks and improve workflow with legal document management.

Full Visibility Over Sent Documents

Easily see any outstanding tasks sent to third parties, and monitor if clients have opened or actioned documents you've sent in return.

Automate Document Workflows

From instant creation of associated documents (e.g. stored templates), to pack finalisation via team workflow automation software for lawyers.

Content collaboration with Virtual Cabinet Document Management
Standardise Filing

Organise all your information - from client documents to internal records - in one simple, standardised format.

CRM Integration

Integrate with leading CRM and business software for lawyers. Reduce administration time for setting up new clients and avoid data duplication.

Security & Compliance

Set granular permissions for file access and maintain visibility over file history with detailed audit trails.

Templates & Auto-field Population

Reduce manual data input with automatic precedent population. Save enormous amounts of time with a higher accuracy rate.

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Hear From A Few Of Our 45,000 Customers

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"Now we can send a tax return off to a client and get it back from them on the same day within 5 minutes."
George Taylor
Practice Manager
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“The emails I receive on cases can now automatically be filed to the correct client with Email Capture. This is a huge time saver!"
Sam Bailey
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“Being able to basically ‘google for a document’ is amazing – efficiency, pure and simple. I love it, and my team love it.”
Dan Heelan
Business Services Manager
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“Easy to use, unmatched features!”
Tanya Whidborne
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5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“Virtual Cabinet is simple and effective and it meets the needs of our business.”
Sara Bremner
PA to Marc Voulters and Richard Gilbert
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5 gold stars in a row - icon. 5 star review
“Virtual Cabinet has been an integral part of our transformation.”
Paul Miller
Managing Director
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"Ticked All The Boxes At A Great Price Point Suitable To Us."
Partner, P.B. Syddal & Co

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"Ticked All The Boxes At A Great Price Point Suitable To Us."
Partner, P.B. Syddal & Co