Document Retention Policy: Document Archiving Solutions

Setup an automatic retention and document archiving policy. Delete old files with Virtual Cabinet document retention software, simplifying your business and complying with strict privacy laws.

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Automatic document retention

Set Up Your Automatic Document Retention System

Set up your document retention software and schedule files for automatic archiving to a nominated cabinet, and then delete them from your electronic archiving system once they reach a certain age.
Document retention policies

Create Multiple Document Retention Policies

Create multiple retention and document archiving policies for different file formats, choosing which documents types are included and when they will be deleted.
Document age options

Choose Document Age Options

Determine your document age via the document Entry Date or the Last Modified Date of files stored within your Virtual Cabinet document archiving system.

Multiple business layers and file stores

Uncover Multiple Business Layers and File Stores

Configure document retention policies for each file store in your Virtual Cabinet system, actively managing storage limits and archiving documents effectively.
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Document Retention Benefits

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Reduce Document Admin Time
Lost time on document archiving? With Virtual Cabinet, there’s no more manual review required on which documents to retain and delete from your system. It’s all done for you via your automatic archiving policy.
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Simplify your Document Achieving System
Keep your electronic archiving system organised and free of legacy documents, making it faster and easier to find active files that you’re working on.
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Reduce Server Costs
Save money, free up valuable server space and reduce your IT burden by deleting and archiving documents that you no longer need.
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Comply with Privacy Laws
Strict privacy laws (e.g., GDPR) have an emphasis on data minimisation for individuals, specifically the volume of data retained and the document retention policy.
Interested in streamlining your document archiving policy? Our document management system is foolproof. There’s no need to waste time scanning through documents to find the most up-to-date copy, or sorting through files to remove old documents. The Virtual Cabinet document retention and automatic archiving system will manage it all for you.
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