Streamlined Content Collaboration

Connect all departments with clients through Virtual Cabinet's simple, secure and streamlined content collaboration.

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Customisable User Permissions

Security can control who can edit certain documents to restrict the collaboration process where required.

Version Control

Access a version control history as the document is edited. Users may go back and view any older versions.

Complete Audit History

View an audit history of every interaction the recipient has with a document.

Task Functionality

Share one or more documents with others to edit or publish to the Client Portal.
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Content Collaboration Benefits:

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Centralised Documents
Using Virtual Cabinet as one central location for client documents eliminates confusion about which copy of a document everyone is working on. Stop playing email ping pong with documents, get rid of USB's and reduce the risk of saving files to a local desktop.
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Extensive Reporting Capabilities
Get transparency over documents with reporting on system and user activity, including records retention and activities such as document editing and deletion.
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Improve Workflow Processes
Implement the collaboration features in Virtual Cabinet to improve your workflow processes. Users have the ability to delegate jobs, prioritise tasks and organise files and messages.
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Share with Colleagues
Work on documents together on any device. Users can access, edit, collaborate and comment on a document.

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