Extensive Content Searching

Powerful content searches across various file types including Word, PDF, Email, JPEG, PNG and more with additional search indexes within document contents.

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Full-Text Search

Virtual Cabinet's advanced search capabilities allow you to search the full contents of documents across numerous file types.

OCR For Documents

Apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to documents that were not generated electronically, e.g. a scanned image.

Search Email Attachments

Extended search capability to include email attachments.

Powerful Content Searches

Combine content searches with other fields to perform powerful searches.
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Content Searching Benefits:

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Guaranteed Compliance
Businesses can get immediate access to all documents related to a client, which helps to comply with strict Privacy Laws such as GDPR.
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Comprehensive Searches
Comprehensive search capabilities make it easier to find the documents you're interested in, without having to trawl through every document for a client.
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Keyword Search
Google-style search features include instant simple search filtering, speeding up the retrieval of relevant content. Search results can be refined and saved.
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Relevant Results
Virtual Cabinet automatically ranks search results to make sure the most relevant documents and information appear at the top of the list.

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