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Extensive Content Searching

Powerful content search features mean you can search across various file types with additional full-text search indexes, and OCR for document content searching.
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Quickly search email attachments and filed documents with Virtual Cabinet.

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Full-Text Search

Virtual Cabinet's advanced content searching allows you to explore the full contents of documents across numerous file types – including Word, PDF, Email, JPEG, PNG, and more.

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OCR for Documents

With our content search tools you can apply Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to documents that were not generated electronically, e.g. a scanned image, ensuring a thorough search across all files.

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Search Email Attachments

Extended content searching capabilities also allow users to search email attachments for relevant information.

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Powerful Content Searching

Combine fill-text searches with other fields to perform powerful searches across your system – including file types, locations, file names, document creator, and more.

Benefits of Content Searching:

Guaranteed Compliance

With the right content search tools, businesses can get immediate access to all documents related to a specific client, helping you to comply with strict Privacy Laws such as GDPR.

Comprehensive Content Searching

Comprehensive, full-text search capabilities make it easier to find the documents you need, without having to trawl through every file for a client to find one piece of information.

Keyword Content Searching

Google-style search features include instant simple search filtering, speeding up the retrieval of relevant content. Search results can be refined and saved for later enquiries.

Relevant Results

Virtual Cabinet automatically ranks search results to make sure the most relevant documents and information appear at the top of the list – making it easier to find the file you need.

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