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Document Creation and Document Templates

Document creation made easy. Quickly produce version control document templates that will automatically fill in information for commonly used files – reducing admin time and speeding up workflows. Discover the features and benefits of Virtual Cabinet document creation software below.
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Document Creation Tools from Virtual Cabinet

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Template Management Software

Create document templates for files that you use regularly in your daily workflow – speeding up the process across your business. Say goodbye to admin and hello to automated document creation tools – with personalised template management software for each client.

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Merge Data

Word documents can include merged data from your back-office system, integrating all of your information into one secure location and streamlining the document creation process.

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Copy Documents

With your document management templates, you can create copies of files that are already stored in Virtual Cabinet and open them ready for the user to start working on – improved collaboration and faster turnarounds.

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Version Control Document Templates

Enable the management of multiple variation of version control document templates, making sure you always have the most up-to-date copy. Avoid admin work and minimise the risk of sending incomplete files.

Benefits of Document Creation Software and Document Management Templates:

Save Time

Spend less time learning how to create a document template from scratch by using automatic, version control document templates and merged data in Word files. Simply update the template according to your needs.

Ensure Accurate Data

You can use the version control document templates feature to track amends to a template and to revert to past versions, making sure you’re always using the right copy and helping you stay on track with up-to-date processes.

Automatic Indexing

Documents you create are automatically indexed into Virtual Cabinet and are visible to the business whilst they're being worked on – ensuring complete transparency and collaborative thinking across internal departments and clients.

Eliminate Mistakes

With one edited and finalised document management template that is re-used, the chance of human errors is significantly reduced – helping with compliance and overall quality of work. Businesses can ensure consistency across all projects with automated document templates.

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