Document Creation and Templates

Quickly create templates that will fill in information automatically for commonly used documents.

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Create standard templates for documents that you use regularly in your daily workflow.

Merge Data

Word documents can include merged data from your back-office system.

Copy Documents

Create copies of documents, already filed in Virtual Cabinet, and open ready for the user to start working on.

Template Version Control

Enables the management of multiple versions of the document templates.

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Benefits of Document Creation and Templates:

Save Time
Spend less time creating documents by using templates and merged data in Word documents.
Ensure accurate data
You can use the template version control feature to track changes to a template and to revert to past changes.
Automatic Indexing
Documents you create are automatically indexed into Virtual Cabinet and are visible to the business whilst they're being worked on.
Eliminate Mistakes
With one edited and finalised template that is re-used, the chance of errors is significantly reduced.

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