Built-In Electronic Signatures

Virtual Cabinet’s e-signature technology allows businesses to reduce the number of paper documents produced, routed, and filed and speeds up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions.

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Electronically Sign Documents

Documents including Word, Excel and PDF can be digitally signed.

Multiple Document Signatories

One document can be electronically signed by multiple people.

Legally Binding Electronic Signatures

E-signed documents can be checked for tampering by uploading it to our Verify Signed Document checker.

Audit Controlled Files

Audit controlled documents through the Client Portal, showing you who signed documents and when.

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E-signature Benefits:

The time between requesting a signature on a document and receiving a signed document is dramatically reduced. E-signatures play a significant role in reducing the time taken to complete a transaction.
Documents are transmitted and stored securely. E-signatures are extremely difficult to tamper with. Signed electronic documents can also be more securely stored, providing access only to authorised personnel.
See when your customers have viewed your documents, auditing the communication between you and your customer.
Paper Reduction
Using e-signatures allows for the elimination of pen and paper, as well as the need to physically file and retrieve copies of documents.

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