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Legally Binding eSignatures for Fast Approval

Virtual Cabinet’s unlimited electronic signatures system allows businesses to reduce the number of paper documents produced, routed, and filed. Signatures also speed up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions, helping you communicate and collaborate more efficiently.
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Virtual Cabinet eSignatures

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Electronic Signing of Documents

Sign documents online and speed up workflows. File types including Word, Excel, and PDF are compatible with our eSignatures software.

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Multiple Document Signatories

Electronic signatures allow for multiple signatories, including internal and external parties, so that you can collaborate across multiple departments.

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Send Unlimited Electronic Signatures

Streamline your agreement processes, lower your costs and enhance your customer experiences.

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Audit Controlled Files

Guarantee audit controlled documents through the Client Portal, showing you who signed which documents and when.

eSignatures Benefits:


The time between requesting a signature on a document and receiving a signed copy is dramatically reduced with electronic document signatures. eSignatures play a significant role in reducing the time taken to complete a transaction.


Questioning whether electronically signing documents is safe? With Virtual Cabinet, your files are transmitted and stored securely. Our eSignatures are extremely difficult to tamper with. Signed electronic documents can also be stored more securely, providing access only to authorised personnel.


eSignatures allow you to see when your customers have viewed your documents, auditing the communication between you and your external parties. and providing a trail for sign off that you can refer back to at any given point.

Paper Reduction

The electronic signing of documents means no more need for pens and paper (even though our wet signatures look just like a real signature), as well as the need to physically file and retrieve copies of documents – helping your business and the planet. Discover the top seven benefits of going paperless at work.

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