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What is an eSignature?

The eSignature (or electronic signature) is a legally binding way for your business to get digital documents signed. It's a digitised version of the traditional handwritten signature that's unique. With our unlimited electronic signatures system, you can securely request eSignatures from clients in an instant - speeding up approvals and transactions. Without a sheet of paper in sight.
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Virtual Cabinet eSignatures

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Electronic Signing of Documents

Drive efficiency and speed up workflows by getting documents signed electronically. Virtual Cabinet's eSignatures software is compatible with several different document types, including Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as Adobe PDF.

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Get eSignatures from Multiple Signatories

Electronic signatures allow for greater collaboration. They allow for multiple signatories. So, internal and external across multiple departments, or even countries can electronically sign and approve documents - without the hold-ups associated with paper documents.

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Send Unlimited Electronic Signatures

There's no limit on the number you can request with Virtual Cabinet's eSignature software. This means you don't have to produce reams of paper documents, which will streamline your agreement processes, reduce your costs and make the experience far easier for your customers.

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Audit Controlled Files

Guarantee audit-controlled documents through our Client Portal. You'll have a complete overview of who has provided an electronic signature, for which documents and when they provided it.

eSignatures Benefits:


The time between requesting a signature on a document and receiving a signed copy is dramatically reduced with electronic document signatures. eSignatures play a significant role in reducing the time taken to complete a transaction.


Questioning whether electronically signing documents is safe? With Virtual Cabinet, your files are transmitted and stored securely. Our eSignatures are extremely difficult to tamper with. Signed electronic documents can also be stored more securely, providing access only to authorised personnel.


eSignatures allow you to see when your customers have viewed your documents, auditing the communication between you and your external parties. and providing a trail for sign off that you can refer back to at any given point.

Paper Reduction

The electronic signing of documents means no more need for pens and paper (even though our wet signatures look just like a real signature), as well as the need to physically file and retrieve copies of documents – helping your business and the planet. Discover the top seven benefits of going paperless at work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electronic Signatures Legally Valid?

Yes, they're legally binding under the European Union's (EU) Electronic Identification Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS). When you provide an eSignature, you're agreeing to the terms and conditions contained within a document - just as you would with your traditional handwritten signature. eIDAS makes it simpler for organisations in the UK and countries within the EU to send documents for electronic signing. It's one standardised set of rules and regulations to follow - rather than the previous individual rule sets for each country that businesses had to ensure compliance with. In the US, they're recognised under the ESIGN Act (the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act).

How Do Electronic Signatures Work?

With our eSignature software, you can request a legally binding signature in an instant. Simply select the document you need signing and open it in the Virtual Cabinet Portal. Type the address you wish to send it to, tick the pen option to request signature, and add a personalised message. All that’s left is to hit ‘Publish’. The recipient can then provide their signature - it's secure, compliant and legally binding. You'll be notified through your Virtual Cabinet client portal that the document has been signed. It's that simple.

What is the Difference Between a Digital Signature and an Electronic Signature?

You may have heard them referred to synonymously. However, they're very different. eSignatures are quite broad and can take many different forms depending on the agreement in question - from a simple box check to a PIN to a digitised version of your handwritten signature. Digital signatures are more advanced and provide an extra level of security. They use public key cryptography, with two keys - a private key for the signatory (this encrypts all sensitive signature-related data) and a public key. The recipient of the digitally signed document uses the signatory's public key to open and decrypt the document. If they can't, it indicates there's either an issue with the signature or the document. With the private key being exclusively held by the signatory, it reduces the risk of digital documents being fraudulently signed or tampered with.

Can Virtual Cabinet Provide Digital Signatures?

Yes, we can. Our software produces 'Advanced Digital Signatures' using third-party certificates to provide additional layers of security and optimal compliance.