Filing Standardisation

Establish a standardised filing structure for your documents making indexing and retrieval easier and efficient.

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Bespoke Filing Structure

Get a bespoke filing structure for your client documents and company documents - including HR, compliance and more.

Standardised Filing

Setup a structure to suit specific business units. Ensure all staff are following a clear and consistent filing process.

Auto-filing and Document Indexing

Create custom indexing profiles for specific document workflows (e.g. invoicing, contracts, tax returns etc.) to minimise manual data entry.

Powerful Filing Integrations

Integrate with '000s of third party software providers where your client information is managed for accurate filing and retrieval.

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Filing Standardisation Benefits:

Fast Document Retrieval
Get faster document retrieval with everyone following the same standardised filing processes.
Controlled Filing Structure
No more messy folder structures! Rest easy - your filing cabinets are safe following setup. Changes are reserved to admins only.
Future Proofed Filing
Ensure a consistent filing structure as you grow, year after year. Our expert team will provide you with best practice filing processes.
Eliminate Mis-filing and Duplication
Eliminate filing inconsistencies between staff and across your business using automation and integration options.

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