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Client Portal with Multiple Branding

Create multiple branded client portals for your customers that cater to different business services or departments.
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Personalised Client Experience

Create a consistent, personalised customer experience by using your company's brand colours and logo.

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Consistency for Your Brand

Your clients will only see the brand that they are familiar with, improving consistency across all client communication platforms and touch points.

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Each brand consists of a name, logo, colour scheme, social media links, and background image.

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Publish via Branded Portal

Choose the brand you want the client to see when you're publishing the document in Virtual Cabinet.

Multiple Branding Benefits:

Web and Mobile Brand Presence

Custom brands will display on both mobile devices and desktop computers for portal recipients.

Polish and Professionalism

Showcase a more polished and professional portal look to your clients.

Raise Brand Awareness

Consistently presenting a brand for each business service or department will raise client awareness.

Drive Client Loyalty

Clients are more likely to become loyal when you deliver a quality and consistent experience with your brand.

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