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Comprehensive Workflow Reporting Tools

Comply with strict privacy laws and ensure high-quality staff output with Virtual Cabinet workflow reporting tools. Use the document reporting software to keep an eye on productivity levels, workflows and task management.
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User-Audit Reporting

See what users have been doing and what actions have been taken. Search across any combination of users, time periods, and actions to form a comprehensive workflow report.

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Intray Document Reporting

See what document's Virtual Cabinet users are yet to action and file with workflow reporting tools.

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Task Reporting

See outstanding and completed business tasks – use the management reporting tools to keep track of how quickly jobs are completed to manage staff and client output.

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Client Portal Reporting

Check documents awaiting actions e.g. client eSignature. Review published documents over time and check end user adoption status.

Benefits Of Workflow Management Reports:

Highlight Action Items

With reporting tools, you can prioritise what jobs need to be actioned – both users and management are able to quickly see what is happening in Virtual Cabinet, to manage outstanding tasks.

Maintain Data Security

Ensure that users are only accessing and editing certain files as required with document management reporting tools. Update access permissions if necessary.

Comply With Privacy Laws

Workflow reporting insights will help you control how your documents are managed, as well as controlling access to data. This will help you comply with strict privacy laws (e.g., GDPR).

Faster Turnaround Times

Identify which documents are awaiting eSignature and sign off with VC's document management reporting tools, to ensure that your files and client jobs are moving forward.

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