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Secure Document & File Sharing

Looking for the best way to share large files with clients, suppliers and customers? Discover secure file sharing via the Virtual Cabinet Client Portal – secure file sharing for businesses of all sizes.
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Secure File Sharing with Clients, Colleagues, and More

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Share Large Files and Documents

The secret to secure file sharing with clients. Files up to 250mb can be sent to recipients through the client portal, either for eSignature or to view. Manage who has access to what and generate audit trails to view when a document was opened, what changes were made and who made them.

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Upload Documents to the Secure File Cabinet

Recipients that have been sent files can upload documents to the client portal with the secure file sharing function. All team members, external and internal, have access to files for streamlined collaboration and communication.

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Integrated eSignatures

Use legally binding eSignatures on financials, tax returns, contracts, or other confidential documents shared in the client file sharing portal. Speed up the process of obtaining approvals and completing business transactions and speed up workflows with the secure file sharing portal.

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Encryption for Files

Modern data encryption methods ensure secure file sharing, with ISO 27001 compliance security. The client file sharing portal offers bank-level security to comply with strict data privacy laws and industry regulations, so your data and documents remain secure.

Benefits of the Secure File Sharing Portal:

Streamline Workflows

Easily access and share large files with your clients. No more USB's or multiple emails to and from – secure file sharing with clients is made easy with the client portal.

Comply with Data Protection Laws

The secure file sharing portal allows you to control access to documents, with the added benefit of viewing audit history to ensure personal information is protected.

Automated Document Retention

Documents that are shared and returned in the client file sharing portal are automatically added to your document management system. Set up automatic archiving policies and delete old documents with the document retention feature.

Leading Data Security

Virtual Cabinet's secure file sharing portal provides industry-leading security standards to ensure all shared files are kept safe and secure. And with the Verify Signed Document function, you can check that any electronically signed documents haven’t been tampered with.

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