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Document Version Control

What Is Document Version Control?
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Keep track of changes to files over time, set permissions, and rollback to previous versions with version control document management – providing you with a secure and complete audit trail.

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Document Version Control History

Automatically create a version control document audit trail as the file is edited. Users may go back and view any older versions to view changes and manage amendments.

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Version Control Rollback

Rollback to an earlier version of the document in the system so, you can always retrieve the previous copy. Simply revert back in a few, simple clicks.

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Access Controls and Access Permissions

Access security can control who can edit and view certain sensitive documents to help you comply with data protection laws.

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Archiving and Retention

Set archiving policies and schedule documents to be automatically deleted at a certain age – simplifying your system, cleaning out the junk, and complying with strict data privacy laws.

Benefits of Version Control:

Eliminate Document Mistakes

Being able to restore older versions of a document means you can eliminate mistakes! If the changes you've made need to be undone, you can simply rollback to an earlier version of the document.

Easy Collaboration

Version Control means that everybody on your team can work freely on any document at any time. There's no question what the latest version of a document is – it’s all there in front of you.

Understanding What Happened

Automatically maintain an audit trail of document history and see notes on changes. Document version control helps you understand how your file evolved over time. Where it started, and where it is now.

Comply With Data Laws

Privacy laws (e.g., GDPR) have an emphasis on data minimisation for individuals, specifically volume of data and retention period – with version control for documents you can automatically set up policies to handle this for you.

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