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Virtual Cabinet + Xero

Use Xero Practice Manager client data in Virtual Cabinet to save time and manage your documents more easily. Virtual Cabinet customers can activate the integration with Xero Practice Manager by contacting Virtual Cabinet support.
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Automatically Sync Data

Integrate with XPM and automatically sync client, contact, and email relationship data with Virtual Cabinet.

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Index Documents

Use XPM data in Virtual Cabinet to index documents from the Intray, Microsoft Office add-ons, and Hot Folders.

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Document Searches

Use XPM client details as search criteria in Virtual Cabinet e.g. client name, email address and client type (company, trust, partnership).

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Publishing Documents

Use XPM client details for Recipient Suggestions in Virtual Cabinet when publishing documents via the Portal.

Virtual Cabinet + Xero Benefits:

Ensure Data Integrity

Automatically maintain data integrity between Xero Practice Manager and the Virtual Cabinet database.

Faster Workflows

Using XPM data in Virtual Cabinet will speed up your indexing, searching, and publishing workflows.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Reduce the need for time consuming, error prone manual data entry using the XPM API synchronisation tool with Virtual Cabinet.

One Single Source of Truth

Ensure the Virtual Cabinet database is always up-to-date with the latest client data from XPM. Continue to manage your documents in one place.

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