GDPR For Accountants eBook
GDPR For Accountants eBook

GDPR For Accountants and Bookkeepers

A simple, straightforward GDPR guide to what you need to know about GDPR compliance for accountants and bookkeepers. The latest privacy laws are now in full force and you run the risk of heavy fines if you're not ready. But what are the GDPR requirements for accountants? And how do you comply? Download our FREE GDPR for accountants and bookkeepers guide – showing you how Virtual Cabinet can help you be more compliant and boost your business’ efficiency all in one.

Only A Few Simple Pages

Find highly actionable information specifically designed to meet GDPR compliance for accountants and bookkeepers.

Actionable Information

Discover what information you should be looking at, including a GDPR checklist for accountants and other GDPR guides and resources.

Software Best Practice

Learn what software and systems you should be using to meet the GDPR requirements for accountants.
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GDPR requirements for accountants

Thanks to GDPR, we’ve all had to change the way we think about data protection. This free guide to GDPR for accountants in practice covers the personal data you should be looking at, and what steps you need to take towards GDPR compliance for accountants.

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GDPR for accountants in practice: Do I need software for data protection?

The easiest way to be compliant is with the right software, and that’s where Virtual Cabinet comes in. Download our free GDPR for accountants’ guide for all the information you need to better your understanding of the subject, and how we can help.

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Accountant GDPR compliant document management

If you have any further questions about our accountant GDPR guide, or regarding GDPR compliance for accountants, book a FREE Virtual Cabinet demo  online today to discuss your requirements. We’re here to evaluate your pain points, identify your needs and provide you with a custom solution.