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What is document management? And why do you need it? Find out how to become a document management specialist with Virtual Cabinet.

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What is document management software?

Document management software is a system or process organisations use to create, share, store, manage and track electronic documents. By ensuring efficiency and productivity, document management software has been proven to save businesses time and money.

Why do I need a document management system?

Most companies work with a variety of different file types, such as paper documents, electronic files, PDFs, images and email. It’s common for organisations without a Document Management System (DMS) to have sensitive documents and information saved in different places, such as within emails, hard drives, shared drives, etc. And with content being stored in numerous locations across different departments or offices, it leaves most businesses trying to manage multiple repositories and separate silos of information. Unfortunately ,circumstances like this often lead to important documents and data getting lost, errors being made and time wasted.

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What are the benefits of document management?

Getting a proper DMS in place can be a daunting task at first, but the benefits of document management are worth it. With a comprehensive system, your business and clients can benefit from:
Enhanced security
Keep sensitive data protected with better security for your documents and improved controlled access, using our ISO27001 compliant software. You can also see a trail of those who have viewed or edited a document and when with version control.
If you’re not compliant, you may receive fines and other penalties. Find out more about GDPR regulations using our free online guides.
Improved collaboration
with an effective document management system, sharing and collaborating on projects is effortless. Access documents from multiple locations, share files with colleagues and use Version Control to manage multiple variants of documents.

The benefits of document management far outweigh the work it takes to put your system in place. Discover more of the features and benefits of Virtual Cabinet today.

Find out how to choose a document management system to start your journey towards digitisation below.

What are the benefits of document management?

With a Document Management System in place, organisations can benefit from having one platform that serves at its single source of truth for all content, documents and information. But knowing what to look for can often be challenging. Some of the features that may benefit you and your business include: email capture, workflow automation, electronic signatures, branded client portals, task management features. Wondering how to become a document management specialist? With the right system in place, learning how to manage important documents is easy.

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