The latest Virtual Cabinet Updates

Previous Release

External Links.
Create links to content outside of Virtual Cabinet, and store them alongside your other documents. Example: SharePoint files, government documents, web pages, spreadsheets stored outside of Virtual Cabinet                       
GetBusy integration.
GetBusy integration embedded next to your Virtual Cabinet search. One view for all your client documents and communication.
Platinum Pro search integration.
Enable/disable retention policies.
Making policies easier to manage whilst you're setting them up.
Updated to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8.
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Current Release

New Home tab.
Redesigned Home tab that gives you better visibility and control over your Virtual Cabinet system. A new cleaner and more modern design. Get insights in to how you're working, and quick access to common features, making it easy to get the most out of Virtual Cabinet.
OneDrive Office Addin support.
Send to Postworks integration.
Send documents to Postworks to be automatically printed, posted and tracked. Choose your attachments for the posted letters, and from a range of posting options (e.g. colour, black & white, 1st class, 2nd class).
View versions of a document
It is now much easier to view all the versions for a document in one place. Right click a document and choose Version History. Open individual documents. See when a version was created, by whom, and any associated version comments.