The latest Virtual Cabinet Updates

Last Release

External Links.
Create links to content outside of Virtual Cabinet, and store them alongside your other documents. Example: SharePoint files, government documents, web pages, spreadsheets stored outside of Virtual Cabinet                       
GetBusy integration.
GetBusy integration embedded next to your Virtual Cabinet search. One view for all your client documents and communication.
Platinum Pro search integration.
Enable/disable retention policies.
Making policies easier to manage whilst you're setting them up.
Updated to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8.
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Current Release

A range of powerful new reports:
User Activity -
gives managers an overview of the status of all their users, how much work they have outstanding, and how much they have been using the product in the last month.
Documents - provides an overview of where documents are stored in the system, and how they are used.
Retention - displays insights into which documents could be cleaned up from Virtual Cabinet. Helps your company be compliant, and gives you an overview of your existing Retention Policies and the number of documents they have processed.
Search on document creator, last modified date, and by file size.
View deleted date in search.
When searching on deleted documents you now view a column displaying the date the document was deleted.
Improved version control.
You can now destroy old versions of documents so redundant versions aren't cluttering up your system
Clear search criteria when changing Filing Cabinets