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Customer Testimonials

"VC Cloud has provided a really effective tool for me in communicating, secure document sharing and task management with my clients."


"VC Cloud helps me communicate with my clients better and keep up on my to-do's."


"VC Cloud makes creating, assigning and following up on tasks easy. Why isn't this functionality already part of primary office apps?"


Virtual Cabinet Document Management FAQs

What is cloud document management?

Cloud-based document management systems eradicate the use of traditional in-house data servers, by storing and managing documents, files, and folders online. This allows businesses to store, analyse and track their electronic files and folders with ease, and securely share them with partners and clients.

Which types of documentation must be stored securely?

Any documents that include personal or financial information, such as tax files, employee records, or medical history, must be stored securely. The introduction of GDPR ensures that UK businesses must use data fairly and responsibly, and keep personal data protected and secure.  

The best cloud document management systems will keep all files secure through access permissions and robust encryption capabilities. Using digital documentation will also eradicate personal information being lost, misplaced, or improperly circulated around the office.

Is Virtual Cabinet Cloud easy to use?

We’ve designed Virtual Cabinet Cloud to be user-friendly and easy to use. You don’t have to be a computer genius to navigate our software. With clear and simple navigation, drag and drop features and centralised filing, we’ve taken the stress out of business workflows.

How long does Virtual Cabinet Cloud take to install?

You can be up and running with Virtual Cabinet Cloud in just a few minutes. And if you’d like a more personalised team installation then we can get that set up on a video call in as little as an hour.

Does everyone I collaborate with in Virtual Cabinet Cloud need an account?

No. Occasional users, signers, and people outside of your team do not need a paid licence.

What is the storage limit in Virtual Cabinet Cloud?

There is no limit - enjoy unlimited storage.

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