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We believe that work is the things that we do in service to others, and that those 'things' usually sit in one or more of the following categories:
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Virtual Cabinet's GetBusy task management app can cater for all types of work, either independently, or collectively. Streamline your workload management with the Virtual Cabinet suite.
'work' vendiagram
'work' vendiagram


The 'why' and 'who' of our work – our clients, providers, partners, team mates and more...

Work for and alongside others – with all of your tasks organised, communicated and stored, by relationship. A work management system that's catered to you.
Relationships on GetBusyRelationships screen GetBusyRelationships screen GetBusy
Compatible with most popular file formatsCompatible with most popular file formats


Documents can initiate work, support work, act as the focus for work and be the result, or record, of work.

Documents are work.

Integrate with Virtual Cabinet and other document apps, or use GetBusy on it's own to capture, organise, manage and store documents in a simple and easy way.
Compatible with most popular file formats


Great communication is the foundation of exceptional relationships and workload management.

Communicate, with anyone, about anything, easily and securely, in real-time.
Communication with contact in GetBusyCommunication with contact in GetBusyCommunication with contact in GetBusy
Task example in GetBusyTask example in GetBusy


Task management relates to the things we do and how we do them, which in turn defines our relationships.

Do anything, with anyone, including electronic signatures – with structure and clarity that delivers exceptional outcomes.

Streamline your workload management

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