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William Dobbie
Head of Treasury
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United Trust Bank selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

The challenge was to create a document and records management system to cost effectively handle day-to-day workflow and security issues.

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United Trust Bank (“UTB”) provides a range of secured funding facilities supporting the growth of the economy with quick and flexible value added finance solutions. Winner of a number of prestigious awards including the Business Moneyfacts Award for Best Service from a Bridging Finance Provider and Best Regulated Lender at the Bridging and Commercial Awards, the bank has built its reputation on outstanding service and it expects nothing less from the suppliers it works with.

The Virtual Cabinet team was carefully appraised before the contract for an upgraded document management system was awarded to them in 2012. No strangers to the ‘paperless’ office, United Trust Bank had been using another system since 2005 for document management, electronic filing and workflow. When a new banking system project was started in 2012, the directors decided the time was right to conduct a thorough review of the market to find an integrated approach that worked with its core systems.

The challenge for United Trust Bank was to create a document and records management system that could cost effectively handle the workflow and security issues that arise as part of their day-to-day work. The volume of paper arising from deposits, bridging finance and property development finance is expensive and time consuming to manage and it was important to work with a system where everyone can use and review electronic files easily.

“A future-proofed system.’’
- William Dobbie, Head of Treasury

The Virtual Cabinet team were no strangers to United Trust Bank as they had initially installed the incumbent system in 2005. Since then, Virtual Cabinet has developed their own electronic document management system which combines industry strength document management with innovative thinking and represents a major step forward in professional markets.

The fact that UTB were familiar with the team and the quality of service offered by Virtual Cabinet, gave United Trust Bank confidence and following a number of presentations of the Virtual Cabinet document management system, the deal was signed.

Comparing the old with the new, William Dobbie, Head of Treasury says: “The big difference for us lies in the Virtual Cabinet road map. We feel we are future-proofing the product in terms of the enhancements already made, and the demonstrated track record of improving the product.”

“The migration from our existing DMS system to Virtual Cabinet was ‘extremely smooth’”, says William “and now that the general office software has been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010, the added benefits are impressive.”

Virtual Cabinet has quickly made its’ mark with its 40 users and William says that “it is intuitive to use and it is easier to review files.” The long-term objective is to reduce storage with all paper files taken to archive as soon as they have been scanned into the system.

There are plans to introduce the document portal that sets Virtual Cabinet apart from other document management systems when the new banking system goes live.

Its introduction will provide a secure environment for electronic communication between lawyers, surveyors and valuers and is set to improve tracking and signature compliance while managing secure digital signatures.

“The document portal is an added bonus that will help us to deliver secure communication to a growing number of clients and professionals with whom we work.”

“All our staff are happy with Virtual Cabinet. It is a quality product that delivers a level of functionality that significantly improves our effectiveness.”

Virtual Cabinet now plays an integral role in the control of documents at the Bank and having seen the difference it has made just in a short few months, it was decided that all staff should have access to the system and an order for additional licences was placed in January 2013. As a result, United Trust Bank is winning its fight to eliminate paper and, in doing so, is managing costs.

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