The Ultimate Collection of GDPR Resources

The GDPR regulations are now law for every business dealing with EU data world-wide.
Use our free GDPR resources and industry specific information to help your business with GDPR compliance.

What is GDPR Compliance?

GDPR compliance was the biggest change to occur to our data protection laws in 20 years - and the truth is, it likely applies to you.

The General Data Protection Regulation was designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. Under GDPR compliance, businesses must ensure that any personal data is obtained legally and that those who obtain and manage it are obliged to protect it against being misused and exploited. 

But what is GDPR exactly? And how does it affect you? Start digging with our free guide to GDPR regulation and compliance – to help you better your business.
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What is GDPR?

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Industry-Specific GDPR Resources

Who does GDPR apply to? 
Whether you’re in accountancy, law, real estate or medical, GDPR regulations apply to you. Use our free GDPR resources to help you get up to speed with all the GDPR regulations before they catch up with you. Skipping straight to the unique points relevant to each industry, these GDPR resources are shorter, more focused and more specific to your business. That way, you can know exactly what personal data you should be looking at, and what steps you must take towards GDPR compliance.
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Compliant with GDPR Software from Virtual Cabinet

The easiest way to become GDPR compliant is with the right software. No matter the size of your business, download our GDPR Software Guide to find out what we have to offer, and how we can help you be more compliant. Want to see our software in action? Book a demo to see what our leading GDPR software can do! 
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GDPR Software Compliance Guide

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