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Trust Centre

At Virtual Cabinet, we aim to be transparent in how we deliver our manage, secure, and operate our services.

We recognise that our customers and suppliers follow a Third Party Risk Management process for cloud services. We want to help you with that process.

Workiro has pre-completed standardised questionnaires to answer the common questions we regularly receive from our customers. It is important to note that each of these questionnaires consists of self-attestation-style responses. They have not been independently verified by a third party, and they should not be regarded as contractual commitments, as they may be subject to change.

Our externally validated certificates and attestations can be accessed via our Information Security Profile in Whistic. We believe that these certifications can and should serve as your primary assurance that we are operating, securing, and managing our cloud services with our customers' best interests at the core.

If your Third Party Supplier Risk Management process aligns with a standardised questionnaires or requires certifications, please view the documents via the Whistic Portal.

If the options we have provided don’t address your question, please reach out to our Compliance Team at