Access Controls and Data Integrity

Set industry leading security controls for all users to protect critical business content at all stages of its life.

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Audit Controls

Set audit controls for every document filed into Virtual Cabinet. Record events such as: logging in, viewing, editing, extract/print, moving and deleting a document.

Access Controls and Permissions

Set controls against access and editing sensitive data. Setup user permissions to view and edit certain documents to restrict the collaboration process where required.

Legally Binding eSignatures

Documents signed by the Portal can be checked for tampering by uploading it to our verification page.

Full Audit Trails

Search user audit history for all historic document interactions. Use workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and intuitive reporting for insights into data access.

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Access Controls and Data Integrity Benefits:

Quality Review
Understand all work users have performed on documents. View interaction reports, action outstanding items and get automatic notifications about any document changes.
View Document Lifecycle
Get a single source of truth on every action performed on a document, from creation to deletion, the whole lifecycle.
Ensure Compliance
Using access controls and data integrity tools help you comply with data protection rules and regulations. See document audit trails, reduce the risk of tampering and restrict access to sensitive information.
Strict User Permissions
Virtual Cabinet uses role-based and metadata-based security to automatically enable and restrict access to certain documents so that the right people see the right information.

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