Important Changes

Support is Changing for Older Virtual Cabinet Builds

As of 1st March 2020 we no longer support older builds of Virtual Cabinet. If you have not upgraded in the last two years this will affect you.

Upgrade today for free!

Virtual Cabinet upgrades are free of charge and contain important security updates and improved features that will benefit your business, so we strongly recommend updating regularly.

How do I upgrade?

Don’t worry, upgrading is easy! You can perform your own upgrades, giving you the flexibility to perform upgrades when it is suitable for you.

The upgrade process is very simple. Visit our Support Centre for full details on how to upgrade. We’d recommend you speak with your System Administrator before running any updates.

If you’d like a bit more help our Support team can assist you with the upgrade. Speak with our Support team to arrange a date and time that suits your business.

What do I need to do?

Check which Virtual Cabinet version you are currently on. Simply log in to Virtual Cabinet, click on the circle in the top left, and click on 'About'.

Newer versions of Virtual Cabinet also have your version information displayed on your Home tab, along with information about the latest released version.

Once you know your version, use the Lifecycle table below to see when your version will become unsupported.

Enhanced security

Virtual Cabinet is committed to constantly improving the security of our products to adhere to the highest industry standards. We advise all customers to upgrade regularly in order to remain as secure as possible.

If you use the Portal then you need to upgrade to the latest version. We are improving the security of the Portal for all users by dropping support for TLS 1.0.

Therefore, as of 1st March 2020 the Portal will stop functioning if you are on version 3.7 or earlier. Your customers will still be able to view documents, but you will not be able to publish any new documents.

Lifecycle policies

From now on the lifespan of all builds will be 18 months.
Use the table below to check when support services for your build will change.

What are the benefits of upgrading?

Get secure messaging
Swap encrypted messages with your customers about documents in the Portal without the insecurity of email.
Unrestricted support service
By upgrading to our latest builds your business will have the most important security updates and improved features for Virtual Cabinet. This means we can provide you with full service support.
Comply with strict privacy laws
Setup an Archiving policy. Delete old documents with the Document Retention add-on to simplify your system and comply with strict privacy laws.
Access your documents anywhere, anytime
The new mobile app add-on allows you to easily access your documents anywhere, anytime. Transform how you work and elevate your client experience.