Cleverseal Sealing Systems selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

A manufacturing business looking for a robust document management system to replace insecure hard drives, automate internal processes and provide off site access to documents for staff.

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"When someone is absent or sick we don’t have to go searching for information on specific PC’s."

Marcus Temu
Cleverseal Sealing Systems

Who are Cleverseal Sealing Systems?

Cleverseal Sealing Systems are an Australian and New Zealand owned and run family business. They specialise in sealing systems and garage doors to create element-proof environments, and have grown from modest beginnings into a thriving company employing staff in both Australia and New Zealand today. Cleverseal shows that businesses in Manufacturing, and other industries, can benefit from adopting a best-in-class document management system.

"We are a company that makes goods and services to order and distribute Australia wide. We use Virtual Cabinet to securely store and retrieve documents from customer orders, pricing, marketing files, supplier correspondence and our business email correspondence."

– Marcus Temu, Director, Cleverseal Sealing Systems

The challenge

When any company grows its international reach, client base, staff, scope of products and services – things need to change. Dated, insecure and inefficient storage and retrieval of important documentation for a start. Up until selecting Virtual Cabinet document management software, Cleverseal Sealing Systems relied on external hard drives to store crucial financial documents such as sales reports, invoices, client emails and contracts.  Cleverseal were not only tempting fate with their security, but were also hampering their business efficiency. It was vital Cleverseal reviewed this low-fi storage process as the company grew. The team were well aware of this vulnerability, and selected Virtual Cabinet as their document storage and retrieval solution.

The experience

Virtual Cabinet's document management system was implemented into the business with the assistance of Cleverseal’s internal IT resources. The system was up and running quickly once the IT team had changed Cleverseal’s internal routers to create a VPN tunnel between their individual business sites. 

"The transition from no document management system to Virtual Cabinet has been great!"

– Marcus Temu, Director, Cleverseal Sealing Systems

The solution

Now live, the introduction of Virtual Cabinet has not only eliminated the use of insecure hard drives but it has also opened up a world of automatic organisation, enhanced capacity, peerless security, off site access and advanced OCR search functionality

Cleverseal noted that this advanced search and automated OCR scanning process was their favourite feature. This means all you have to remember is a single word or two from the document being searched for and Virtual Cabinet will automatically scan all words in every document stored within the system to locate it. This has proved to be an instant boost in administrative efficiency for the business, as many hours would be wasted searching for and retrieving files on the old server structure. 

"The difference for us using Virtual Cabinet is that the business is now more transparent. When someone is absent or sick we don’t have to go searching for information on specific PC’s. All our files are now stored in one place on the server."

– Marcus Temu, Director, Cleverseal Sealing Systems