Manchetts selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management Software

This business serves up to 150 clients a day, with enormous amounts of paperwork

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“We first of all choose Virtual Cabinet due to the companies’ reputation in the market."

Sean Manchett
Manchetts Rescue & Recovery

The Company

Founded in 1994, Manchetts Rescue & Recovery, based in Burwell, Cambridgeshire are East Anglia’s leading Recovery team, operating 24/7 nationwide, serving territory contractors for all major motor organisations throughout Cambridgeshire and Suffolk.

The Problem

The Rescue & Recovery team serves up to 150 clients a day, thus making copious amounts of paperwork ranging from ‘job sheets, damage reports and signed service delivery reports’. It’s no surprise that the result is the generation of large paper records, which have to be stored and located easily for future reference. However it took the threat of losing all of these records to a fire that sparked the decision to move towards an electronic document management system.

Amanda Manchett, the companies Sales and Marketing Manager explained why this shock made her look into DMS:

“With an over crowded and hard to manage archive in place, the unthinkable happened. An internal server fire broke out, luckily, it was saved before major damage could have taken hold but it could have been disastrous.

The fear of loosing a continual up to date archive with all paper documents for each vehicle, police report and evidence sheet etc, was so high and perilous, we had to have a system implemented which had a 100% guarantee of being ‘Disaster Recovery Contingent’ and Virtual Cabinet was the first document management software company to be able to offer such an important quality.”

The Selection

Manchetts began to expand their search into Document Management Systems and were initially sceptical due to the lack of knowledge with such intricate software. Sean Manchett; Director of Manchetts explained how Virtual Cabinet made DMS a more approachable, and understanding subject:

"We first of all choose Virtual Cabinet due to the companies’ reputation in the market. I have found their support desk second to none and especially helpful when it comes to going the extra mile."

- Sean Manchett, Director, Manchetts

The Results

“It is not until you have such a system like Virtual Cabinet that you appreciate how versatile and effective it is. It has made our administrative side a lot more efficient and effective. I strongly believe this document management system has allowed a more stressful demanding, and hectic job to become more approachable and easy to tackle, the dramatic lack of searching for important files, has consequently saved us valuable time.

In busy periods, the software has really shone through, proving that with sheer volumes of work, which manufactures vast job sheets, invoices and police reports; the apparent need for such a system demonstrates the essentialness”

Another specific requirement which Virtual Cabinet addressed was the need for the document management system to integrate with their existing software ‘V-Track’. ‘V-Track’ produces up to 200 manual job sheets a day, which had to be manually searched for invoicing purposes. The superb Virtual integration makes the finding and accessing this important information easier and quicker.

So what has changed for Manchetts?

Manchetts, staff are now able to scan in every, invoice, job sheet and certificate that they receive or send; store them securely and importantly back them up. The archive is also being scanned and disposed of.

“It is imperative that we deal with our clients over the phone, such as our contractors like the AA and RAC, when a job comes in, we have to deal with it immediately and Virtual Cabinet has allowed this to be even more successful, by accessing information instantly we are saving ourselves time, and most importantly our road side operators.”

Peter Alexander, the companies Operations Manager, added:

“If a client rings about a specific registration, or motor certificate I can now effectively find it immediately, I don’t have the worry of returning the call with the information, now the users of the system at Manchetts can view individual driver job sheets, and PAS 43’s and find the relevant information regarding the vehicle whilst the client, or contract operator is on the phone.”

"I myself, and staff have found this a much simpler way of retrieving information with the
results being immediate, it has been such a time saver, and so efficient."

- Sean Manchett, Director, Manchetts

Manchetts is one of the many businesses to have recognised the potential benefits of the Virtual Cabinet Document management system. Manchetts can now look forward to continued growth and excellence without the concerns of being over whelmed by paper-based records.