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Simon Rowe, Insolvency Partner, Milsted Langdon
Simon Rowe
Insolvency Partner
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Milsted Langdon selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management System

Wanted to streamline data management and boost efficiency across 160 users to allow staff to access client files wherever they were working.

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Milsted Langdon, a sixteen partner accountancy firm with three offices in the South West, chose Virtual Cabinet to streamline data management and boost efficiency. The system was rolled out to one hundred and sixty users in a staged implementation over the course of a few months.

“Virtual Cabinet was the best document management solutions we saw.’”
- Simon Rowe, Insolvency Partner, Milsted Langdon

It is the latest in a series of wins for the Virtual Cabinet team who have accumulated a depth of experience over the last fourteen years with a focus on professional firms. The introduction of electronic document management is providing Milsted Langdon with a level of flexibility that had previously been unattainable; and is allowing staff to access client files wherever they are working.

“We will be more efficient if we are not tied to paper files.”
- Simon Rowe, Insolvency Partner, Milsted Langdon

The decision to implement Virtual Cabinet was an easy one according to Simon. He describes it as “the best all round solution”. “It is all about finding a document management system that we feel is going somewhere. Many of the others looked dated and did not appear to be pushing the boundaries. They were too focused on letters and we feel it’s much more about data management, not document management.”

Longevity played a key role in the decision. “The rate of change in the market place is a major consideration. We needed a system we could be confident in and that will evolve over time. The Virtual Cabinet team made us feel that they have a coherent product road-map and even ten years down the road, we will still be happy with our decision.”

A key differentiator between Virtual Cabinet and others lies in the fact that there is no need for the customer to get involved in any in-house programming, which was important for Milsted Langdon.

“Accountants are not software programmers. We liked the fact that Virtual Cabinet would handle all aspects of the implementation.”
- Simon Rowe, Insolvency Partner, Milsted Langdon

The ability to communicate securely with clients and facilitate the electronic sign off of documents through an integrated portal made the pitch particularly interesting and impressed the general practice partners who could see the potential for significant productivity gains.

According to Simon, the decision to implement Virtual Cabinet was dependent on three key factors: “the people - it’s important to get along - the quality of the product and the competitive pricing model.”

A phased roll out was then planned with the Financial Services Arm the first to go live.

“Staff that when live with Virtual Cabinet first turned out to be huge champions and find it a real boon to be able take files to clients on their iPads. They are pleased with the flexibility the system offers.”
- Simon Rowe, Insolvency Partner, Milsted Langdon

Simon stated that the implementation of Virtual Cabinet was excellent and the technical support provided went above and beyond.

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