P.B. Syddall & Co. selects Virtual Cabinet Document Management System

Staff can now scan in all correspondence, all e-mails are automatically filed, storage and backup is taken care of, and business efficiency generally increased.

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"It was easy to use, ticked all the boxes and was offered at a great price point suitable for us."

Peter Syddall
P.B. Syddall & Co.

PB Syddall & Co (Syddalls) has been an established Chartered Accountants Practice for over 26 years, with a valued reputation, and an outlook of being ‘Traditional’.

The Problem

Syddalls had managed their business with manual paper files for the majority of their practising years, and recently became aware of the increasing benefits of an Electronic Document Management solution. With this in mind, and the fact that client files and paper documents were on the increase also, they began to look at implementing a practical, and user friendly solution.

After a no obligation demonstration, Virtual Cabinet was a clear front runner. Not only was it easy to understand but the fact that Virtual Cabinet was fully integrated with Iris, Syddalls existing practice management suite, was
a big plus.

The Reason

Peter Syddall explained why now, was the opportune time to invest: “The 2020 team had been stressing the importance of EDM for quite some time, and several companies were offering the ‘best solution’. I first looked at a DMS four or five years ago, and didn’t see the initial benefit back then. Due to the ever expanding filing cabinets, and the wearisome search for files and paperwork, it was evident it was becoming a concern, and was felt that a paperless solution was needed”.

“The Virtual Cabinet demonstration from Alison Jackson was a no brainer for us. It was easy to use, ticked all the boxes and was offered at a great price point suitable for us.”

So what has changed for PB Syddall & Co now that they have their Virtual Cabinet?

Syddalls staff are now able to scan in all correspondence, and have all their e-mails automatically filed due to Virtual Cabinet’s in-house developed ‘Email Capture’ feature. This has allowed secure storage, a back up for files, and an increase in the efficiency of the business. The effective integration with Iris, which was a vital requirement from Peter, has also given Syddalls an even more effective Practive Management system. According to Peter the benefits have been immediate:

"We’re still handling paper but filing it in the bin! The installation was straightforward, it all went according to plan and we are well on the way to weaning everyone off the need for physical files."

- Peter Syddall, Partner, P.B. Sydall & Co

PB Syddall & Co is one of the many businesses to have recognised the many benefits of Virtual Cabinet. Peter and his colleagues can now look forward to continued growth and excellence without the concerns of being overwhelmed by files and filing cabinets.